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by Tori Sharp

Vocalising everyone’s disappointment with this year, Avenue Beat release their track 'F2020'.

I could have chatted to the girls from Avenue Beat for hours. Their aura was so electric and energetic. Sami, Savana and Sam have been singing together since high school where they all did musical theatre. “We never thought that it was what we wanted to do. We have just been hanging out, chilling and living our lives, singing music, and we have somehow ended up here in Nashville and making a career for ourselves. We stumbled into it, and it was very accidental.” They describe their sound as a mix between Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish, and I think that is pretty spot-on, as it combines the pop-qualities of Swift and the thoughtful, sometimes dark, lyrics of Eilish.

F2020 makes a catchy tune out of the tumultuous turmoil that this year has held for everyone. Vocalising all of the not-so-great things that have happened this year in a really great way. The track is funny, really funny. It documents personal events from each of their lives as well as those that have affected all of us. The line ‘Yo my cat died and then a global pandemic took over my life’ seems to perfectly sum up the year. It is honest and stylistically funky and memorable. It is the perfect song to sing along to on a car journey with your windows rolled down.

They tell me that their “positivity comes in waves during lockdown, sometimes you’re fine, and sometimes you’re spiralling” Their creativity that is usually channelled into live shows and interacting with fans has had to find a new output. “When we write, we are usually, for lack of a better term, complaining. And now, we have found something really big to complain about – the whole year.” The relatability of the track is why it has already got nearly half a million streams on Spotify, after less than 48 hours since the release.

Despite all the things to complain about, I think that ironically 2020 will be the take-off year for Avenue Beat, so perhaps by December, they won’t say Fuck 2020. While you wait for the album that they are hoping to compile soon, check out their TikTok account for glimpses of new music coupled with Harry Styles appreciation posts.


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