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by Malvika Padin

The girl group remain K-pop royalty with their latest EP, setting themselves up for a whole new era of earworm music.

Never content to rest on their laurels, K-pop quintet Red Velvet lay the foundation of their visual-led world on recent EP The ReVe Festival 2022 – Feel My Rhythm, which sees them push their creative to newer and higher levels with a confident edge of experimentation.

The group’s singer, rapper, and actress Irene describes the EP as being rooted in the band’s imaginative worldview exploring dark fairytale themes and the warmth of transitioning from winter to spring, framed around dreamy visual concepts. She tells us, “ Conveniently, this complemented the ballerina and imaginative garden concepts as well, which were our main visual inspirations so I’m very satisfied.”

The genre-hopping six-track production marks another aspect of growth for the group, with Wendy: “From trying and experimenting with various genres, I’m happy to show growth and become a stronger, all-rounded artist.” However, showcasing sonic versatility is not without trials and tribulations, she recalls being challenged by the high notes as well as sinking into the emotive elements of the EP to express it as best as she could. But, of course, she is not backing down, Wendy promises, “I want to continue challenging myself by attempting other genres that I haven’t showcased before.”

Singer, actress, and host Joy further highlights the band’s desire to always push themselves, saying “Red Velvet always comes back with a different concept and performance, which I think is one of the main reasons why many people look forward to our release. We want to continue challenging ourselves with new music and concepts to surprise our fans.”

When it comes to inspiration for these concepts, singer and dancer Seulgi reveals that Red Velvet often look inwards, observing their daily life and revisiting different moments from their life experience for inspiration, channelling their contemplations into artistic expression. The pandemic in particular gave them pause to do exactly this as they retreated inwards to explore new facets of themselves as artists and simply as people.

Talking about how she kept herself motivated over the past two years, singer and actress Yeri says,  “I had a lot of personal time, so I did various activities to work on myself. I studied English, which I’ve been wanting to do for a while, and had the opportunity to act, which is something I always wanted to try as well,” adding, “I’ve gained a lot of insight and met some amazing people so I’m very grateful.”

Moving on from where their career currently stands, Joy looks back into the past, recalling what she considers a stand-out moment in their musical journey. She says, “I think the first concert was especially memorable. I remember feeling happy and excited to finally meet the fans I longed to meet. By interacting closely with the fans, I was able to feel their love and support.”

Meanwhile, Irene looks toward the future, revealing that another concert and the opportunity to make more loving memories with their beloved fandom, ReVeluvs, is at the top of their bucket list, with Yeri making it clear that the band are keen to meet their fans as early as possible, answering the question “What is something you want to do right now the most?,”  with “To meet ReVeluvs from all over the world at our concert!”

Described previously as ‘K-pop royalty’, Red Velvet who debuted in 2014 and captured hearts with the innovative pop soundscapes of ‘Bad Boy’, ‘Ice Cream Cake’, and ‘Russian Roulette’, among others, continue to prove they’re still undoubtedly the queens…

Press play on The ReVe Festival 2022 – Feel My Rhythm below now…

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