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RyahnIs big on family

by Malvika Padin

The young singer remembers her father on ‘Light Blue’ EP.

Florida-native Ryahn comes from a family of rule-breakers, her great-grandfather was the first black doctor in the city of Ft.Lauderdale. He brought up the youngster to have a sense of self and to instil in her the resilience to overcome any obstacle. Her debut EP ‘Light Blue’ is the perfect reflection of her process of healing.

The eight-track offering from the 21-year-old singer/guitarist explores the dark mind space when one starts at zero, as they work to overcome a significant number of obstacles to achieve inner harmony. Blending elements of alt-rock, grunge, and soul, Ryahn has taken inspiration from her father for this EP.

The young talent who began sharing her music publicly in 2015 following the passing of her father, released her debut single ‘Baby Boy’ in dedication to her father. Now, she releases a reprise of the track on her  EP.

The colour blue, after which her EP is titled, works not only as an element of nostalgia, as it was her father’s favourite colour, but also symbolises the distance between where you are, where you are going and everything in between.

Having garnered over half a million streams for her debut single, she caught the attention of English electronic music duo, Alunageorge. The pair proceeded to invite Ryahn to open for them at Bowery Ballroom in New York City in fall 2018. She has also managed to prove herself as a capable songwriter and an impressive performer.

She pushes the narrative of her EP forward effortlessly switching from the yearning of tracks like ‘Sad Boy’ to the delicate touches of ‘Nineteen’, as well as expertly slotting in two spoken-word interludes.

Written during a low point in her life, ‘Light Blue’ is an intimate offering that manages to be vulnerable, mesmerising and hopeful simultaneously. With this release, she establishes a signature sound which hones into her versatile inspirations and multiple talents. She’s only getting started as she moves on to the next chapter of her life with clarity, security and a deep sense of peace.


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