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by Tori Sharp

Sitting in the self-defined genre of ‘dreamhop’, RICEWINE’s new 18 track LP Lovesick radiates originality.

We caught up with Rodden to discuss his new LP and the struggles of being an independent artist. Not wanting to be confined by one genre, Talae Rodden, AKA RICEWINE, tells me that “it’s kinda hard to describe” his sound, but has settled on “dreamhop – indie-pop guitar music mixed with hip-hop.”

The LP blends a mixture of beautiful lyrics, warm vocals and feel-good energy throughout all 18 of the tracks. It feels like a personal project, and as an independent artist, he has honed his craft to perfection. This album took about a year to write and then a year to come out, but now he says that he “definitely won’t be sitting on songs anymore after this, people just want to hear the music. I’ll probably release some more music in the next couple of months.” Good news for his 300,000 monthly listeners!

It is interesting talking to Rodden about being a solo producer, as he says that “it’s very easy to feel undermined as an independent artist in the music industry, people don’t take you as seriously when you make everything at home.” So, during this lockdown period, he has been refining his craft before “jumping into the next full-length project.” This album has already received a lot of praise and will definitely be getting people listening and paying attention. He tells me that he’s “trying to get people to recognise (him) as a real artist, not just a “bedroom producer” and I think that this album will do just that.


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