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“There’s nothing better than playing the song live and hearing that people already know the words.”

The release of his new track has been in the diary for months now and was written a few years ago, but Right Way Round by Saint Raymond perfectly encapsulates the feelings of 2020. “We penned this in for release a while ago, and it felt like the right song for me to come back with, but it also feels very relevant at the moment.”

The song itself demonstrates Saint Raymond’s signature sound, but you can hear the evolution that he has been through as an artist. The lyrics reflect this progression as well, as they delve into the feelings of loneliness and confusion that surround mental health. “The meaning behind it was the idea that we all have our moments of isolation and struggles with mental health, and sometimes we don’t know who we are or what we are doing. But I think that there is a beauty in that in the sense that it’s cool to be doing your own thing.” Saint Raymond, AKA Callum Burrows, tells me that these feelings are universal and that he wanted the song to resound with everyone feeling that way, to help them know that they are not alone.

He takes his inspiration from anywhere and everywhere. He tells me that he thrives when writing with other people because it never feels like a chore and it is always helpful to have someone there to tell you “No, that’s a bit rubbish actually.” He has always gathered his creativity by listening to others play live. His first concert, at seven years old, was Oasis, and bands like the Maccabees and The Kooks were who he grew up listening to. Although, he says that “Nowadays I listen to anything “I’m not ashamed, if a pop song is amazing, if Taylor Swift released a song today and it was banging, I’m not ashamed to say that that’s a good song, I just love music!”

Getting back on stage is the thing that Saint Raymond is most looking forward to after lockdown. “Lives always been the thing that I live for and die for, and there were a few things that were pencilled in around this time, which have all been cancelled, and it is gutting.” Being able to interact with fans and hear them sing your music is a feeling that is hard to replicate. He hopes to return to Rock City in Nottingham, to play for his home crowd, a venue that he holds a special place in his heart, as he is one of the only artists to sell out the venue before even releasing any music.


Words by Tori Sharp / Photography by Jon Stone

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