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by Niamh Leonard-Bedwell

The British-Indian artist’s hypnotic debut nods to both sides of her heritage, while empowering listeners to chase their dreams.

We’ve been lucky enough to hear some great new releases during lockdown, not least Saisha Bassi’s impressive debut, ‘Cash Flows’. With assertive lyrics, the song encourages listeners to design their own destiny, “get your money where you want” and reject society’s expectations. “‘Cash Flows’ is about defying anyone or anything that prevents you from achieving your dreams,” explains Bassi. “Whether you want true love, success, or to make money, turning your fear into determination can tear down the system that is used to deter us from going after what we really want.”

And while the lyrics are full of attitude, the track pays homage to an unlikely anarchist icon. For her courage in overcoming the “king of the sea” to live life as a “young girl” above water, Bassi dedicates the song to Ariel, the central character in Disney’s classic 1989 film, The Little Mermaid. But while you’d expect lyrics about Disney princesses to go hand-in-hand with bubblegum pop, ‘Cash Flows’ offers so much more.

Nods to Bassi’s Asian heritage are evident in the hypnotic instrumentals, while her East London accent punctuates the track in stretches of silky vocals. The maximalist production, which comes courtesy of Parker Ighile, creates captivating moments of discord that only add to the song’s intrigue. And with a sound that strikes somewhere between alt-pop and soul, it’s not surprising that Bassi sites Jill Scott, Amy Winehouse and Mereba as influences.

Overall, ‘Cash Flows’ is a fearless debut, which asserts Saisha Bassi’s arrival on the scene, sets her apart from other artists and wins a worthy place on our 2020 summer soundtrack.


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