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by Megan Bowles

Meet the global C-pop singer, actress and fashion icon - putting female empowerment on the top of the agenda and making waves with renowned TikTokers around the world.

“The central theme of ‘Goodbye Princess’ was one of reflection and rebirth” Tia Lee (Lee Yu Fen) explains, looking back on the creation of her viral hit single. The captivatingly energetic, synth-laced track is accompanied by an equally futuristic music video that received over 4.7 million views in just 24 hours after its premiere, and over 63 million views accumulated across platforms within 10 days – breaking the record for any C-pop song to date.

Adding to her mission behind the lyrics, Tia Lee tells us that she hopes “that people be aware of the stereotypes that are holding them back and break free of these restraints and pursue their own dreams and goals. For me, my goal is to empower women around the world through the #EmpowerHer campaign”. In fact, the TikTok hashtag, #EmpowerHerDance, has users emulating the choreography to ‘Goodbye Princess’, including the signature ‘goodbye’ wave. A simple gesture, yet it represents so much more for the artist who feels that she can now wave goodbye to the significant past challenges that she has faced within both the fashion and entertainment industry, now free to express her own strength as a woman. Speaking on her pursuit of music, she says that it “is a universal language and is one of the most direct, moving form of expressions of art. It is the art form that I choose to tell my stories and paint my visions”.

Among the earliest dancers and personalities to have joined the dance challenge include globally renowned Australian-Filipino dancer and choreographer, Hannah Balanay, Australia’s most popular creator on TikTok last year. best known for her viral dance to Dua Lipa’s song ‘Don’t Start Now’. Adding to the virality, TikTokers and KOLs from different regions have joined the campaign to celebrate the #EmpowerHer, for instance, Judah Metu-Teaukura from New Zealand, J Lou from Hong Kong, Leen Mohammed and Layla Akil from the Middle East and Evie Meg from UK. All these #EmpowerHerDance videos have received a total of approximately one million views since their release.

Prior to its release, Tia teased her fans with a mini animated series on her Instagram, building further momentum behind the already highly anticipated song. “The animation series was essential in telling the story of my personal experiences in showbiz,” she says, “The music and fashion videography is more of my own rebirth where I break free of the past stereotypes that has bounded me and experience something totally new”.

Directed by the legendary Sunny Tang, scored by Wan Pin Chu and styled by Sanshai of Vogue Thailand, this pre-release series on its own accumulated over 100 million views in the month before the official music video’s release. The new single’s incredible success is just yet another accolade on Tia Lee’s resume, adding to her reputation as the ultimate triple threat: a C-pop sensation, actress and fashion icon. Gracing the cover of Vogue, Elle and Marie Claire and known for her beauty and fashion tips, she describes her work as “Non-compromising, exquisite, excellence”, and hopes that people will see her “sincerity, hard work and through my new release, my personal story and the new Tia Lee”.

Though the ‘Goodbye Princess’ visuals explore some dark imagery, the meaning behind the lyrics is ultimately one of female empowerment, positivity and breaking free of the societal expectations that women live under. Fairytales and the princesses within them are recurring features in the video, as Tia aims to reframe the traditional story. Instead of a happily ever after of being rescued by Prince Charming, the moral of the story is focused on girls around the globe embracing their true selves: “Life is about continuously stepping out of your comfort zone. You will see all the beautiful things this world has to offer when you do”.

Check out Tia Lee’s ‘Goodbye Princess’ music video below now and follow her on Instagram here

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