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by Sabrina Fearon-Melville

Teen singer-songwriter Evann McIntosh is making their own path in the industry and remaining seriously cool whilst doing so.

We’re talking to Evann wishing we had an ounce of their coolness when we were their age. At just 17 years old and signed to Mom+Pop Records (sharing roster space with the likes of Flume and Alina Baraz) Evann is the new kid on the block who’s proving that they’re set to be the sound of the future. Hailing from Kansas, United States, Evann is carving out a space for themselves in an ever-changing musical landscape.

Now, with the release of something brand new,  Evann is taking us through growing-up with funky beats and expressive lyrics as a backdrop. Character Development, Evann’s latest project, comes off the back of a number of vibrant singles and as well as a must-listen previous album in 2019. Now though, this new work sees Evann still tied up in ballads which are reminiscent of teenage love, but with an evolved, developed soundscape.

Singles ‘COCO PEBBLES’ and ‘TECTONIC PLATES’ are upbeat, alternative RnB projects which when paired with a new look – cut and dyed blonde take the nature of Evann’s new sound to new heights. The music video for ‘COCO PEBBLES’ in particular is fun and cost-effective which makes watchers feel like they too could be friends with the super-slick Evann who appears in an oversized tan blazer to wax poetic about their diner-girl love interest. The video is an ode to teenage youth, crushes and of course sugary breakfast cereals.

Being a young creative Evann tells us how they’ve utilised social media to help grow their platform, “I’ve really enjoyed connecting with fans, media really helped me get my music out there”. Evann’s platform of choice, like most creatives and Gen-Zers nowadays, is the ever-growing TikTok. With approximately 161k followers and counting, Evann uses the account to share snippets of life, music and more recently, tour updates with fans. They’re funny and relatable in the way that oftentimes users with accounts that size struggle to be and it’s refreshing to see a music artist whose social media accounts aren’t solely focused on promoting the next project.

Despite an increased fan base from social media apps like TikTok and Instagram, Evaan has made sure to “disconnect” from time to time. Like most growing artists, and established ones, high levels of time spent in-app means that more down-time is often needed to combat the effects of social media and for Evann this time spent “disconnecting” fuels creative growth.

Having completed most of Character Development pre-pandemic, and then with a postponement in place Evaan didn’t shy away from the music-making process. The music came naturally, and the lyrics flowed throughout the entire process. All Evann’s lyrics are startlingly strong in some ways whilst cheeky in others, they explore friendships, unrequited romances and the overall notion that getting older changes the dynamics in the relationships you’ve built as time progresses.

And Evann still has room to grow into their sound, as well as the voice they want to share with fans. After all, debuting an EP so sonically pleasing as early as this in their career leaves ample room to continue to diversify sound and develop even richer lyricism in later projects.

On the topic of growth, Evann tells us that they’ve recently gotten their GED, and no longer being in school means they’ve been able to focus more on creative endeavors and experimenting with sound.

With slick, vibrant videos to match their catchy tunes, we’re excited to see what Evaan has in store next for touring and getting back to the big wide world now that they’re a one step closer to being a household name.

‘Character Development’ is available now, check it out below.

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