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by James Cattermole

scott is okay releases dreamy pop-infused single 'Money'.

London-based artist scott is okay shares his latest offering with the self-produced single ‘Money’. Released via yada yada, the single offers an introspective insight into loneliness and positions scott is okay as an exciting newcomer to the alt-pop scene.

With his glittering minimalistic soundscapes delving into the crystal waters of lo-fi pop, scott is okay punctuates his mellow sounds with lyrical intrigue. Creating everything himself through his innate self-production, ‘Money’ navigates through the breakdown of friendships and the subsequent loneliness that follows. Featuring his sluggish vocals, the hazy melodies are littered with personal moments, offering comfort amongst the quiet warmth.

Although first appearing to be about spending money unnecessarily, the track later unearths itself to be a single touching on the importance of social relations. Explaining further, Scott says:

“I learned that friendships are something you have to work towards. If you don’t put in the effort, they deteriorate and fizzle away. I’ve let it happen a few too many times and often realised that when it was too late.”

Splitting his creativity between writing, producing and mixing for a number of artists including Baby Queen, Tamzene, Foxgluvv and Tragic Sasha, scott is okay is now directing his artistic flows into his own musical output. Placing himself at the forefront of his talents, despite removing his face from all personal images, scott is okay presents a unique trajectory laced with mystery and intrigue.

With plans to share music throughout the year, scott is okay is an artist that should be on every pop enthusiasts’ radar.

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