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by Tori Sharp

Her latest reworking of her track adds an extra element of electricity.

Sody’s track ‘Bedroom Ceiling’ has been out just over a month and has garnered far flung support and near 1.5 million Spotify streams. We catch up with her to discuss the second release of this song ‘is your bedroom ceiling bored?’ with Cavetown, and how her experience as a woman in the music industry has helped to shape how she works and what she writes today.

The track vocalises the universal feeling of overthinking and brain whirring while you’re trying to sleep. “At the time, I was struggling to switch off my thoughts and often found myself staring at the ceiling for hours alone at night.” Sody tells me, “I was trying to process my feelings and keep it together but also understand what someone else was going through and support them too.”

Lyrically, the track is very candid, yet at the same time is the perfect vehicle for Sody’s powerful, poppy voice. On listening, it feels she has found her sound and knows what she is doing, but as a young woman in the industry, I ask whether she has felt like she has to work harder to overcome obstacles. She answers reflectively, saying that “it’s a work in progress and we all have to do our best to fight for equality.” The struggle to create opportunities is something she has felt has come both with negative and positive consequences. “It’s easy to fall into a competitive mentality.” But then, this competitive streak has allowed for the creation of some really top-notch music.

Her upcoming shows have all been Covid-cancelled, but she tells me that she hopes to have released a lot more new music before the next show in 2021, so that they can have “an even better night full of new tunes and old faves!”

Watch the video for ‘is your bedroom ceiling bored?’ below now.

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