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by Tori Sharp

We caught up with Roadrunner TB to chat about the release of his newest video – ‘Dictionary’.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the First Annual Trap Spelling Bee.” Roadrunner TB has dropped his newest video, and it is certainly original. To accompany his track ‘Dictionary’, the Trap Spelling Bee video is light-hearted and creative. We spoke with Roadrunner RB and found everything out about his current sound and upcoming projects.

I wouldn’t know how to describe my sound because a lot of emotions are sparked from certain songs I make. Some songs might reignite sadness, some might be excitement. At the end I just try to keep up with what the fans want.” TB grew up on the East Side of Cincinnati and was brought up by this grandma. From a young age he was set on being a sports star, but with a torn ACL ruining his chances of going pro, he transitioned into music. Growing up in a rough neighbourhood has given him a lot to think and rap about. “My childhood influenced everything about my music. My childhood is a big reason I rap!!! I talk a lot about what I’ve been through and things that changed me, so dwelling on my childhood experiences makes everything so easy when it comes to me making music because I lived it.

Right now, he is working on a joint mixtape with Roadrunner Savy and is hoping to drop a few singles and videos before the New Year. In the meantime, the idea of stretching his genre, telling me that working with Rylo Rodriguez or No Cap would be a dream collaboration. “I say this because I feel a song with one of these artists would bring out another side in me that I know my fans would love to see. I know I’m versatile and that type of feature would expose that side and also would be great for my career.”

Check out the ‘Dictionary’ video below and follow @RoadrunnerTB on Twitch for some regular live streams.

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