Sweet With a Side of Sass
Introducing Amber Olivier

Born in North London and warming up for what is no doubt going to be a wild ride, Amber’s rise to fame is showing those in the industry just how it’s done – and with style.

Imagine taking the sensually smooth vocals of Sade, mixing them together with the attitude and fire of Aaliyah and adding a sprinkling of sugar. The end result? Amber Olivier.

Whilst rustling up some lovingly home-cooked fried chicken, Amber explains: “I definitely had a love for music from the get-go. I think, subconsciously, I always wanted to get up on stage but I never really pursued the idea of singing until I was about 16. It was more like a hobby.” Like many current artists, Amber began to form what are now deep-rooted friendships with other artists, both in the UK and in the US, after posting snippets of her immaculate vocals ability on her Instagram.

However, she admits that her relationship with social media hasn’t always been great: “I had a bit of a weird relationship with it. It gave me an amazing head start with my music, so it went hand-in-hand with the connections I now have. Saying that, you kind of get to an age where you look back at where you were and think ‘wow, look at how much stuff I posted.’ I’m definitely more guarded now and prefer to be a bit more subtle.” Growing a tougher skin over the years, Amber has harnessed the internet’s power, taking every opportunity on with both hands and using her social media presence to plant herself firmly in the US soil. Reminiscing on her time over the pond, Amber explains: “I’ve been going to the US since I was young and my first time in LA was an experience which was different to other generic ones. While I was there, things were so real and life-changing. My first projects were made by those in the LA scene, so it just naturally spread.”

Despite her enviable success in a country most artists spend years trying to conquer, Amber remains charmingly humble and modest with regards to her work. Her new single ‘Bad Boy’ made its debut on Ebro’s Darden’s show on Beats 1 recently and has acted as a sort of wakeup call for the singer. When asked if it’s weird to hear her music being played out to a sea of listeners, she replies: “I’m not really aware of the impact when I hear my name being said by someone like that. You’ll think I’m joking when I say this, but I don’t really leave my house! It’s exciting though – people are actually starting to select me for things though, so these last few weeks have definitely made me feel like more of an artist.”

Following on from her self-titled emotionally in-tune EP, Amber’s future is destined to be packed full of sweet treats. With her songwriting set to be even more direct, exes and wrong-doers of listeners everywhere need to be ready to be called out like never before.


You can stream Amber’s ‘One Unread’, below.

Words by Claudia Knight

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