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by Tori Sharp

The story of a good goodbye, does it even exist?

The lethargic R&B bassline that permeates through this track keeps it moving at such a pace that you really listen to each word singularly. syd b has been releasing a steady stream of music for the last few years and has regularly been referred to as a “bad bitch”, a title that she readily accepts (and why wouldn’t she?).

After the success of her single ‘Lights On’ earlier this year, syd has been taking time out for the past few months to reflect, evolve, and create. “You can only really collaborate through a screen, and so we’re all sort of forced to find inspiration within isolation. Art, and music especially, speaks volumes when you have time to really dissect it and simplify it.”

Her latest track speaks about the end of a love story and how to pry yourself out of a toxic relationship without having a ‘good’ goodbye. Of the track syd says, “you know when you keep letting someone in who you know fucks you up, but you think it’ll magically go away and get better? This song helped me come to terms with knowing that I’ve been somewhere too many times before, and finally walking away. Finally realising that last time was enough to know that no amount of revisits can force the reconciliation that I think many of us romanticise. Sometimes you just have to let go.”

The LA based artist asserts her strength and presence with each release that she drops, with her sultry vocals and strong synthy backdrops. The production of syd b’s tracks is top quality and adds an extra level of seduction as you really can’t stop listening. It is female empowerment to the max from syd B and I hope for all of our heartbreak’s sakes that she will be releasing some new music soon.

Press play on syd b’s new track below now.

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