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Talia Goddessdrops indulgent new music video for her single '10.25'

by Isabel Williams

Having solidified her status as one of the most innovative genre-blending young artists on the scene, Talia's new music video is a seductive and extravagant fantasy.

Talia Goddess’ sound is one that cannot be pinned down in simple vocabulary. Bridging gaps between American, Carribean and UK sonic waves, Talia’s music takes influence from neo-soul, electronic and RnB. The artist’s latest EP “DOWN 2 EARTH” displays a wide-ranging musical skillset that explores her cultural, spiritual and sonic identity. In the creation of this eclectic ode to her unique mark on the industry, Talia merges her many talents as a singer-songwriter, rapper, music producer and DJ, all according to the beat of her own internal rhythm.

Having launched her label ‘TRANCE’, a space dedicated to pioneering a collective representation specifically geared to black queer youth, Talia Goddess is solidifying her status as one of the most innovative artists on the scene.

The multi-dimensional powerhouse has just dropped a music video for her track ‘10.25’; a hazy fever dream of dance sequences set in a series of hedonistic settings, characterised by gleaming countertops, fine upholstery and lavish rococo embellishments. Talia sweeps around the extravagantly decorative setting, oozing a laid back confidence in her subtly sparkling attire, swaying to the music and sidling up intimately to dancers.

“You know that I want you/ Know that you want me/ Come put it on me” she croons whilst gazing into the eyes of a gold-clad individual, her sultry voice enhancing the ‘come-hither’ quality of her glances. The lyrics here are potentially a reference those of her similarly dreamy, psychedelic single, “I WANT U”, riffing on the same theme of yearning invitation.

It seems the artist has been sucked into the indulgent setting of this semi-real location by the siren-like motions of the dance troupe, her movements melding seamlessly into theirs until she is finally trapped, trussed up with silk ribbons upon an upholstered chair. The video is a visual illustration of the sentiments Talia puts forth in her lyricism: a giving in to indulgence, melting into the pleasure of a moment, even as this letting go means losing control.

As the music video comes to its close, Talia breaks free of her puppeteers, stumbling out of the dream world she has been so encapsulated by.

Yu Lez
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