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The US hip-hop group go back to back with holiday® for a new batch of apparel.

We’re still praying that Brockhampton are having us on with all this ‘last album’ stuff. In July, the group suggested that a second album of 2021, as yet untitled, will be the final mixtape they unleash onto the world. Likely, they’ll be splintering into solo projects, which, while exciting, hurts more than standing barefoot on piece of Lego.

Luckily, for now, we can keep the dream alive with this new batch of merch. It’s made in collaboration with holiday®, ran by head honcho Nick Holiday. He’s been pals with the band for some time, originally running their merch stall before joining their creative team, working alongside chief designer HK (Henock Sileshi). His own brand is as easy-going as you like, making all-American streetwear consisting of sling-on heavyweight hoodies, casual track pants and slouchy tees.

The new collection melds both worlds, featuring brand new tees, sweats, shorts and accessories. Shirts are emblazoned with words from the band’s universe; one tee splatters ‘The Light is worth the wait!’ in wavy, retro writing, while another references their unreleased scrapped LP ‘Team Effort’.

Elsewhere, hoodies and pants splice together the brand and brand’s respective logos, either via merging each one’s ‘H’ or ‘brockholiday’, which we’re not exactly sure works but should definitely be an international day off for everyone every year. Hoodies, like the bulk of the capsule, are printed in bright blue and orange, made for catching eyes and catching air while skating around the city.

No merch stand is complete without some slightly out-there accessories, so we’re hyped to see one of the more ridiculous items we’ve witnessed: a custom-made beach rug. It might be a little small at 4×4 feet, but curl up into a ball under the beating sun and you can probs make it work. There’s also a (slightly more affordable) lighter, complete with the ‘brockholiday’ spellout logo and finished in a flame orange.

Looking at this collection has already made us feel much better. Even if Brockhampton really are shutting shop for good, their merch stand is staying open until the last minute, packed with fresh apparel. Plus, if they do stand by their suggested break-up, we can mourn in style in the black hoodie and pants.

The new Brockhampton x holiday® merch collection is available now.

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