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by Tori Sharp

“DELPHii, the artist, manifested herself and guided this project, I view her as an alter ego and a muse, like an oracle, illusive and wiser than I.”

Mythically-inspired DELPHii has just released her single ‘Tell Everyone’ in the run up to her debut EP ‘Lilac’ and the illusory, imaginative melodies are simply hypnotic. We caught with Angelene Holmes to delve deeper into the depths of DELPHii and discover who sits behind, or rather within, this artistry.

Born in the West-Midlands, Holmes created the persona of DELPHii to express her deepest fears and feelings through her music. Inspired, of course, by the Ancient Greek oracle of Pythia who lived in the temple of Delphi, Holmes tells me: “I find oracles such fascinating historic female icons, mystic and holy, making or breaking empires with a few ambiguous utterings. Like music the messages are interpreted depending on what the listener wants or needs to hear. DELPHii, the artist, manifested herself and has guided this project, I view her as an alter ego and a muse, like an oracle, illusive and wiser than I.”

Soothing spirituality flows through her songs in a way that simultaneously warms and chills the soul. “The EP is kind of an emotional wheel, centred around grappling with the self; searching for purpose, seeking escapism, feelings of strength, then emptiness, then euphoria. Navigating life is complicated in everyone’s minds, these songs are snapshots of that set in a dreamscape, which is where we can be still to process waking life.”

Hearing Holmes talk about her alter-ego persona of DELPHii it becomes hard to register them as one individual, the musical DELPHii seems to be speaking through her terrestrial orator Holmes. “They say you’re supposed to write best about what you know, but these songs seemed to rise from a reflective voice somewhere in my subconscious.” This becomes even more apparent when I ask about her introduction into music… “I’ve always been a singer, it chose me, I feel like myself when I make music and that’s important. There’s nothing like the sort of trance you get into when you’re doing something you love to do… hours can go by in minutes, the hairs on your arms stand up, music is powerful, everywhere, enhancing and heavenly.”

Her passion is uncompromising, and it is thrilling to hear a new artist bending and blending the sticky rules of genre, enabling a totally new sound to be created. Diversely hazy, this track begs for you to listen again and again. Allow DELPHii to take you on a journey into her future-facing reality and enjoy the ephemerality of excess that drips throughout this fantastic track.

Press play on DELPHii’s ‘Tell Everyone’ below now…

David Reiss
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