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by Tori Sharp

Tep No transports us directly to the beach with his latest summery release.

While we are all stuck inside, what we need most is music that can take us away from our quotidian quarantine feelings, and Tep No’s latest track does just that. If you close your eyes and play ‘Sippin’ On Feelings’, you’re suddenly at the beach, cocktail in hand, with no plaguing pandemic pangs. The refreshingly laidback electronic layers paired with deliberate and observant lyrics makes for a thoughtful summer tune.

Talking about the track, Tep No says that it is especially relevant at the moment as it explores feelings that we are trying to escape from during these strange times. “The song focusses on the realities of death, trying to find your purpose in life while looking for love in an uncertain world, and drinking to pass the time, to deal with desperation and rejection when you’re single… My song brings you there, unfortunately, but I think it’s a relevant topic, more so now than any other time in history.” Cleverly blending a serious topic into a relaxed track is one of the reasons why he has amassed some serious celebrity followers, including Ryan Seacrest, who called Tep No his “favourite artist” right now.

If you need some escapist listening while you pretend your balcony is a beach club, turn up some Tep No, and you won’t regret it.


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