The Pale White is the Alternative Rock Band
That is Quietly Taking Over the UK Rock Scene

“We describe ourselves as like Bruce Bogtrotter, the unsung hero of Roald Dahl’s classic children’s novel Matilda: big, fat, brave and full of chocolate cake” – the band told us.

The Pale White might seem like they’re shooting for the stars, but they have already had a fair share of experience. Having released their new EP ‘Take Me To The Strange’, the indie rockers have toured with the likes of iconic artists such as The Libertines, The Sherlocks, Twin Atlantic and many others who have been paving the path for rock music. The band recall touring with the various artists and highlight the invaluable experience they gained along the way.

“Touring with these established bands and getting to watch them side of the stage every night is like the best lesson you could have as a band,” The Pale White explains. It’s obvious touring with such established artists was a personal and professional achievement for the boys in the band. “You pick up little tricks and tips along the way that really help you with your own show. The main thing all of those bands have in common, apart from great songs, is how much they care about putting on a good show every night. We think you need to try and bring that energy every time you play. Otherwise, what’s the point?”

With a self-titled EP already out, we’re curious to know how the ‘Take Me To The Strange’ EP differs to band’s past music.

“We think it’s a bit of a step forward musically for us. We want to develop into a band that’s constantly trying new things” – the band explained – “People who’ve seen us live will know there’s a darker heavier streak running through some of the music, and it’s definitely creeped out and reared its head on Take Me To The Strange. We thought it was time we threw a few heavy stompers out into the world.”

Take Me To The Stange is fast, dynamic and well put together – you’ll be playing the whole EP on loop. Out of the 5 tracks on the EP, we ask the band if they have any favourite songs from the tracklist and why. ‘Panic Attack’ for the sweet release at the end”, Adam Hope, the band’s lead vocalist and guitarist, chips in. Next, Tom Booth, the bassist for the band, contributes to the conversation, “mine is definitely ‘End of Time’. It sounds like if Interpol covered a Motown tune. It’s pretty moody but it’s juxtaposed with such an upbeat chorus. I think it might be my favourite thing we’ve done so far,” he tells us. It seems like the band all have their own favourite as Jack Hope also has his own favourite track. “’Trapped Nerve’ ‘cause it’s as sleazy as the Bigg Market in Newcastle. It’s got a dance beat running through it which is something we’ve not really done so far.”

The different answers from the band is a refreshing take to the album and we hope you enjoy their latest EP as much as we did.

Take Me To The Strange is out now. You can stream it, below.

Words by Zoya Raza-Sheikh

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