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The Story of a TFL FineWith Carl Blarx

by Eddy Walker

With the release of his latest video for his single ‘I Hate Rushing’, we caught up with Carl Blarx to see his inspiration for making the tune.

With a banana and oyster card in hand, we followed Carl Blarx, one of the UK’s most exciting young talents, on his daily commute. While hopping on and off the tube and buses in the Kings Cross area, we chatted with Carl about his journey so far in music and asked him to explain the story behind his latest video.

‘I started writing stories, poems and comics when I was about 11 years old. At around 13-14 years old a lot of my pals started writing lyrics, and so I joined in the fun and got into writing bars, spitting, rapping, phlegming, MCing, shelling, whatever ya wanna call it. Anyway, after spending some time honing my craft, I started putting stuff out. Generally, it’s been fairly positive stuff but hey we all gotta dark side so yeah, be ready. ‘I Hate Rushing’ isn’t too dark side though. It’s a heartbreaking story about how I got charged £500 for sneaking on a bus one time. It’s also about how I’m really not a big fan of the tube (fuck the tube). Everyone staring at advertisements they don’t care about because they feel too tense to look anyone in the eye, hushed voices because they think someone’s gonna scream at them? I dunno, it’s just a very odd place.’

Creative Direction by Eddy Walker.

Freddie Stisted
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