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Tia LeeFor Volume #46

by HQ

Find an exclusive sneak peek of our interview with Tia Lee for Volume #46.

With music from East Asia, such as K-Pop and J-pop growing in popularity in the West, it’s only a matter of time before C-pop boosts a large following stateside as well. Tia Lee’s among the artists catalysing this wave of bringing Mandopop stars to the Western audiences lexicon. “I am looking to continue to share C-pop with the world,”. Recently, the C-pop icon made multiple headlines while attending events such as Moncler Genius and fashion shows like David Koma and Richard Quinn in addition to Julien Macdonald. Her attendance at London Fashion Week wasn’t just a photo op. She utilised the opportunity to stay on theme with her current causes and champion the message of female empowerment through her clothing.

Tia Lee, also known as Lee Yu Fen, is a legend in her own right; she is a C-pop sensation and an actress and fashion icon. Tia is among celebrities like Beyonce, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, and more, as she was the only celebrity personally dressed by British fashion designer and former Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model judge Julien MacDonald. “It was an absolute honour to meet Julien Macdonald in person and receive the gorgeous dress fresh off his latest collection,” she recounts. She was exquisitely dressed in a couture dress and cape ensemble from his FW23 collection ahead of its runway debut.

Before pursuing solo work, Tia Lee was a member of a girl group. From there, Tia rose to fame through her music, fashion, and appearances in dramas and movies. Eventually, people began to regard Tia as a triple threat, and the group concluded activities four years after debuting.

To visually illustrate the metamorphosis she has gone through after overcoming her past challenges in the entertainment and fashion industry, Tia concocted a 6-part animated series in collaboration with animation director Sunny Tang and award-winning creative director Tony C. Miller. “The animation series was essential in telling the story of my personal experiences in showbiz,” she adds, “the music and fashion videography is more of my own rebirth where I break free of the past stereotypes that has bounded me and experience something totally new”.

Ahead of the “Goodbye Princess” song release Tia took a page out of Taylor Swift’s playbook and deleted everything on her Instagram. Her fans waited anxiously. They knew this was a signal that something big was in the works. When she finally dropped her new single, “Goodbye Princess” she simultaneously launched her #EmpowerHer campaign. Grammy Award-winning producer Swizz Beatz produced the track. She had nothing but positive things to say about the experience. “I collaborated with Swizz Beatz and [this is] the first time Swizz Beatz is involved in a C-pop track… It has been a pleasure working with [him].”

Keep reading inside Volume #46…


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