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tracks oftomorrow

by Kitty Robson

Right now, we all need a bit of music to make our day, so here's 10 new tunes that will do just that.

After a heavy week, we at tmrw like many others, have turned to music for comfort and inspiration. In our playlist this week we’ve curated some uplifting, calming and celebratory tracks to bring some positivity back into your world. Scroll down and press play now…

‘photo id’ – remi wolf & dominic fike

Revamping her latest ‘Photo ID’, Remi Wolf joins forces with Florida artist Dominic Fike who helps bring the already vibrant song to new levels. Psychedelic alt-pop, ‘Photo ID’ was written in the days of early quarantine, it’s fan favourite, TikTok trending track and the bop we need to get us through the dark days.

‘bloodhound/earthbound’ – yinyang

Back again with a new experimental track is Irish hip-hop artist Yinyang, this time with a new character single ‘Bloodhound/Earthbound’. “It’s about shedding your skin of a bad situation and understanding, on reflection, how much better you are without it” Yinyang explains, “Realising you’re a bad bisssh.” Sounds pretty perfect to us.

‘daysSince’ – thomTide

San Diego innovator thomTide is back with his new genre-bending track, ‘daysSince’. The mellow track is the latest under a project that “embodies balance and restoration”, from founder Lee Rutledge and visual artist Dominique Mills. Press play below and have a moment of calm for 2 minutes and 18 seconds.

‘addicted’ – jorja smith

Returning for her first solo drop of 2021 is Jorja Smith with ‘Addicted’. A more stripped back track than her previous work, Jorja explains it’s about “focusing on wanting the full attention of someone who’s not giving enough (or any) when they should be”. With a self-directed video shot over webcam with Savannah Leaf, it’s a track about adapting and becoming your best self, and that’s a message we all need to hear right now.

‘cold world’ – yuki dreams again

Montreal based Yuki Dreams Again’s gives us a flawlessly crafted new bop this week with ‘Cold World’. Music defined by “genre-fluid ethos”, Yuki Dreams Again’s work is all about his charismatic voice, storytelling lyrics and hyperactive arrangements, with a few catchy hooks thrown in. What’s not to love?

‘i don’t wanna move’ – oracle sisters

Parisian trio Oracle Sisters are showing us how much they’ve got to give in the latest taste of their upcoming EP, Paris II, with ‘I Don’t Wanna Move’. Released via 22TWENTY, an up and coming independent NYC label, the track is cooler than cool, so if you want a bit of coolness by osmosis press play on this record now.

‘show u off’ – brent faiyaz

Following on from his collab with Tyler, the Creator, Brent Faiyaz shows us he’s just as good solo in new single ‘Show U Off’. A song celebrating the divine feminine, the track is a love letter to women, it’s a wholesome look at love and affection. A nice bit of positivity in a tumultuous time, Brent is the light in the darkness we need right now.

‘found’ – jacob banks

Perhaps the most powerful track from Jacob Banks highly awaited new project, For My Friends, ‘Found’ is a delicate ode to the Nigerian-British artist’s grandma. He told tmrw last week, “Writing ‘Found’ was interesting, because I was really struggling to find where to put all this love”, and so put it all into the unique track.

‘feeling something bad’ – ellise

‘Bubblegum Brain’ singer Ellise returns with the second single from her upcoming debut album. Moving away from the sugary pastel perfection, this time she heads to the darker side of her alt-pop world in ‘Feeling Something Bad’. It’s gothic and a little bit kitsch, and we love it – in fact, check out our new style series Werkin’ From Home with Ellise here now.

‘birthday’ – bambie thug

East London’s Bambie Thug has dropped a new track to celebrate their birthday, and it’s every bit as fun and defiant as you’d expect. Proudly supporting LGBTQ+ creatives and causes, Bambie Thug’s music knows no limits and boldly smashes through gender and socio-political stereotypes. Speaking on the track, they told us: “‘Birthday’ is for all the goblins out there, music is the only drug we will ever need”.

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