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Vincent Barrea:Have Fun

by Megan Armstrong

Listen to the Moscow-based artist's latest offering to help winter feel a little more like summer.

Moscow-based singer and producer Vincent Barrea doesn’t cloak his intentions in his flirty, synth-pop single titled “Have Fun.”

“Hey girl,” he sings to start the track. “I wanna know your phone number.” Barrea, who also has a background in dance, theater and fashion photography on top of his music pursuits, doesn’t put any pressure on his love interest. He saw her by chance, but now that he has seen her, he desperately wants to know her but notes they can “take it nice and slow.”

“We wrote this song in the spring, approximately in April, it was just such a mood,” Barrea told Wonderland Magazine, who exclusively premiered the track on Dec. 18, 2019. “You know … when everything blossoms and comes to life, the first warm days, people are smiling and the soul is super light. In this song, 100 percent of the mood of spring and summer, and we decided to release it now in order to recreate this mood and fill people with warmth and joy. We did it with love. So relax, remember the sunny days and dance with us.”

“Have Fun” followed Barrea’s most popular song to date, “Chemical Or Love.” The piano-based track was released on Oct. 30, 2019, and explores the tricky components of love. Where Barrea keeps it light in “Have Fun,” he questions whether his connection with his “soulmate” is chemical or real. The piano is overlapped by more uptempo beats.

“This song is a musical transformation of the experiences of a real person,” Barrea told CLASH, who exclusively premiered “Chemical or Love.”

“Have Fun” is the next iteration of Barrea as he continues to transform.

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