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Watch:Cavetown's 'Sweet Tooth' Video-Game Video

by Megan Armstrong

You'll see the Tooth Fairy in a whole new light.

Every video game needs a solid soundtrack, and Cavetown flipped that script by giving his new single “Sweet Tooth” an immersive video-game treatment.

“Sweet Tooth” serves as the lead single off his upcoming album titled Sleepyhead, due out on March 27th through SireRecords. The 11-track major-label debut album was written, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Cavetown (born Robin Skinner) in his bedroom at his London apartment.

The “Sweet Tooth” music video, directed by Moon and produced by Stuart Hall, portrays an equally intimate setting. It begins as video-game graphics fill the screen directing viewers to “Find the Tooth” before Cavetown appears in a room that could be interpreted as a London apartment. As the 21-year-old English artist sings he’s “feeling sick of myself,” a new graphic overlaying him instructs to “press ‘A’ to play.”

Though Cavetown is thinking aloud about trying “to be someone else,” he selects “Robin Skinner” as the character he wants to play the game. He drops his microphone and turns to leave the room, revealing he’s wearing Tooth Fairy wings.

“A sweet tooth for you, I’m wide awake,” he belts in the chorus. “The sugar went straight to my brain / Feel like a kid, I double tap / My chest with my fist / I like you / Say it back / Say it back.”

He’s inside somebody’s house now, on a mission (invisibility cloak and all) within the video game searching for a tooth. The song’s flow coincides with levels in the game. Level 230 consisted of the second verse, chorus, third verse and outro before Level 231 is loaded and instrumentals take over.

By the end, he has been caught by a scheming young girl and declared “decayed.” Game over.

The good news is, in real life, Cavetown’s career is just beginning.

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