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YIZZY:Always Hustling

by Malvika Padin

Establishing himself as one of UK’s biggest grime names with music that he describes as “energetic, deep yet funny” Lewisham-based MC Yizzy has proven 2019 to be his stand-out year.

On the back of two explosive releases, ‘Hustle Hard’ and ‘Back It’ ft grime legend Dizzee Rascal, Yizzy looks back on his year and the evolution of his sound. He says, “This year has been my most important year in the three years I’ve been making music. In the past, I used to shout a lot because I didn’t understand the difference between shouting and projecting your voice. So I’ve gone from having this sort of raw energy at the age of 16 to something more polished, while still keeping intact everything about me that makes me.”

And what makes Yizzy is his determination to be authentic to his beliefs. Explaining his outlook on life and music, he says, “I want people to look at me as an example of someone who has stayed true to themselves. I like to lead by example. I talk about various topics without worrying about repercussions. If I want to talk about something going on in the world, I will do it because I want to remain authentic and unique to myself.”

That’s precisely what he has done with his music. Whether on ‘Hustle Hard’ where he puts forward the message of “ thriving to achieve what you want in life. Whatever your hustle is, stick with it. It has a materialistic edge to the lyrics- about succeeding enough to buy things you want for yourself and your family.” Or on ‘Back It’ where he talks about “about having faith in what you’re doing. Everything you do will be fruitful if you have that faith,” there seems to be an innate sense of self-belief that drives the rising talent.

This positive attitude is in large inspired by someone very special to Yizzy; his mother. Speaking of his most important influence, he says, “While there are many artists who inspire my music professionally, my biggest influence is my mother. She’s raised three kids by herself. She’s my role model as a powerful, resilient person who has managed to get through life.”

Inspired by his family and pushed forward by his raw talent, the 19-year-old grime artist has come a long way in his career within three short years. From earning co-signs from grime’s best names including Ghetts, Dizzee Rascal, Wiley, and Devlin, making short film in collaboration with education charity Football Beyond Borders, his biggest project to date the globally-influenced ‘Welcome To Grime Street’ to meeting Prince Harry, there’s a long list of achievements for Yizzy to be proud of.

But what he considers the pinnacle of his career so far is performing at Royal Albert Hall. He says,” Other than the O2 and Wembley, performing at Royal Albert Hall was always a goal of mine. And getting to do it in front of my family felt really great, so that’s the highlight.”

Adding on his achievement, Yizzy has a bucket list- just as any blooming artist would- but far more simplistic and achievable than most. He explains, “ My bucket list for 2020 is to do an UK tour, do an international tour, do another headline show, and get into the charts with at least one of my songs.

Armed with quick wit, intelligence, powerful bars, and wisdom beyond his years, Yizzy is staking his claim as one of grime’s upcoming legends.

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