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by Tina Charisma

After the release of 'Ricochet', we sat down for a chat with pink pop princess Milly Toomey (aka GIRLI).

After being dropped by her label and having to cancel her 2020 Sofa Tour because of well, the past 18 months, the pretty-in-pink artist is back, better than ever, and ready for business. Having announced her UK and Ireland tour is set to take place in November and December. Kicking of in Bristol, GIRLI is set to appear in other towns and cities such as Cardiff, Brighton, London, Manchester and more, before wrapping things up at the Arts Club Loft in Liverpool on 3rd December.

The London songstress shot to fame at just fourteen after attending a Tegan and Sara concert and performing at several open mics. Using her vital music to speak on issues such as mental health, feminism, and sexuality among other topics, GIRLI has even taken to podcasting, using it as an avenue to speak about issues passionate to her in broader depths. Alongside her must-listen podcast and music, she also uses TikTok to share #HERstory, gaining over 1 million likes on the platform.

GIRLI embodies a flawless combination of feminine energy, defying norms and just being a general baddass, showcasing how femininity and pink can also be powerful. Her very first song spelled that out to everyone succinctly, with the title ‘So You Think You Can Fuck with Me Do Ya’. GIRLI is fearless: sharing her stream of consciousness beyond what many up-and-coming pop artists would share; electronic pop sounds and unashamedness to speak her mind on issues that many shy away from is just some of the things we love about her. To summarise, she says it best herself: “I am a badass bitch but also venerable and messy, cluttered that is really unapologetic. I try to be myself.”

Tell us a bit more about your latest single, how did ‘Ricochet’ come about?

My personality has impacted the songs that I sing. ‘Ricochet’ is about being in a bad relationship but loving the thrill of the drama: knowing that you deserve better but also liking the feeling of emotional cat and mouse with someone. I feel like I have gone from a damsel in distress to a princess.  However, I want fans to know that although I am a princess, but I am fiesty!

What was your breakthrough moment?

I was at a label and then got dropped. So after getting dropped from the label, getting signed to my second label was exciting and felt like a breakthrough moment. My biggest life lesson is giving less fucks!

What does your life look like outside of music? 

I am a workaholic. However, I still try to get up to a lot of other things outside of music. I enjoy skateboarding, surfing, road trip and even going into the woods. Out of all the things that I mentioned Skateboarding must be my biggest hobby as it helps take my mind of everything.

How has feminism inspired your music?

Having a fanbase made up predominately of women has been an eye-opener. I realised that I need to use my influence and platform to share ideas that educate and help treat women better with more respect. I have had several people inspire me over the years who are feminists. Their ability to stand up for themselves has been a major catalyst for me drawing on feminism in my music. Being in an industry that is dominated by men has also inspired me to promote feminism.

What are you most looking forward to on your tour?

Going on tour again is the most exciting thing for me. The feeling of getting on stage with people is something I am particularly looking forward to again.

What does fashion mean to you? 

I am very inspired by DIY funky fashion. Lots of clothes by fashion stars. I have a faux leather studded biker jacket that I live in. I also love collaborating and DIY. My favourite designers Trauma Gurlz, Luke Neil, Shannen Maria Samuel and I also love thrifted stuff from Depop.

What exciting collabs would you be interested in future?

July Jones. Berry Galaska.

What about places you’d love to share your music with?

I’d really like to play some shows in Russia because I have quite a few fans there, particularly for my fans there who are LGBTQ. Also, I would love to play in Japan.

What does the future look like?

I am very focused on putting out my own music after I had a year and a half when I did not put out music. I can imagine putting out music growing my fanbase and team including merch something I have full creative control over. Starting my own apparel. A GIRLI app… There will be a lot of merch on tour. All coming soon!

Press play on GIRLI’s ‘Ricochet’ below now.

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