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Zara Larsson:A real life Venus

by Maja Bebber

We all know and love her. The epitome of pop music: Swedish sensation Zara Larsson. She just has a certain fire burning that never goes out and she's back with a new album.

In the past, she has delivered banger after banger, from tracks like Ruin My Life, Symphony (with Clean Bandits), On My Love and Lush Life to name a few. And she won’t stop now. This year is a big year for her. She not only released a new album in February called ‘Venus’ but is also starring in a movie on Netflix called ‘A Place To Hide’.

On her album, she released a more vulnerable and softer side of her and for Zara, it’s all about love. „It takes you on a love journey. The album is about love and love is so versatile. […] For me, it’s been everything from love for my sister to love for myself and my music and romantic love. Going through a tough heartbreak after love, or just feeling like you are the sexiest person. Love to me is the best thing in the world. It’s what makes me get up in the morning. “ And what is a greater emotion that exists than love? For this album, she teamed up with writer and producer Rick Nowels who has previously worked with the likes of Lana Del Rey, Alessia Cara, Kesha and Dua Lipa to name a few. “I had a really good time writing the album. I had a great time. I learned how I like to create, I learned how I like to work. And how to stand up for myself.”

Nevertheless, for her, sharing her writing is one of the most vulnerable things which I can relate to. Wearing your heart on your sleeve and being vulnerable is one of the boldest things to do. “Writing and creating songs has been a little intimidating for me or just saying my thoughts out loud. I think it’s scary. It’s an intimate thing to do with a person. To be creative. It’s very intimate.”

‘Venus’ is out now on all streaming platforms. Image taken from our forthcoming print shoot with Zara Larsson for Volume #49. 

The video to ‘You Love Who You Love’ is out now.

Zara Larsson
Nina Holma | Agent Bauer
Anna Sundelin
Hair stylist
Tony Lundström | Mikas Looks
Make Up
Josefina Zarmén | Link Details
Set designer
Angelica Nyman | Xo Studio
Stylist assistant
Namfon Phetsut and Marta Henschen
Photo assistans
Mattias Nilsson
Set designer assistant
Zara Johansson
Stettner (black) and Stallad (beige)
James and Perra Studio, Stockholm
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