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by Kyle MacNeill

Izzy Mulley’s photo-series tackles unrealistic beauty norms via rootin’-tootin’ tropes.

Unless you’ve been living under a desert rock, you’ll know that the Wild West has come galloping back into pop culture recently. From country-rap (thanks, Lil Nas X) to cowboy boots popping-up left, right and centre-fold, there’s a taste for all things rootin’ and tootin’ right now.

It’s no surprise to see a fashion editorial play with these styles, then. What’s clever about Izzy Mulley & team’s ‘A Western Fantasy’, though, is connecting the style to our wildly toxic, closer-to-home, Western world. From pervading heteronormativity to unrealistic beauty standards, we’re living in a divisive time fuelled by digital discourse, a kind of Adam Curtis doc come to life.

Have a peek below for the full series, featuring cowboy hats, star-spangled make-up and classic leather. Forget spaghetti westerns – here’s a glitterati western:

Izzy Mulley @izzymu11ey
Art Direction & Styling
Ona Greenwood @onagreenwoodart
Molly Holton @nuclear_molly, Danielle Jupp and Vintage Vera
Set Design
Sam Price @samuelreesprice
Ash Fehners @ashfehners
Jordan Lambert @jordanafilambert, Emily Hattersley from Contact Agency @emilyjayne______ & Abishek Roy from Agency 7
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