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Turns out there really are perks to being a wallflower.

Who needs going out-out when you’ve got the freedom to curl up into the foetal position with a good book, an essential oil diffuser and a vat of green tea? No-one, absolutely no-one is the answer. Which is why we’re over the waning moon and back to see Lazy Oaf team up with London-based, Irish illustrator Laura Callaghan on a dreamy book-inspired collection celebrating bedtime reading.

Drop 1 launched last week, introducing us to a world of fluffy, candyfloss clouds and fruitella-coloured prints. Now, Drop 2’s landed to complete the collection, illustrated with Callaghan’s poppy, pastel drawings. Look for too long at the Patchwork Smock Dress or Book Club Cloudy Cardigan and you’ll be whisked away into a distant fairyland, populated by hand-drawn female leads and landscapes.

“I was inspired by the amazing traditional painted covers of romance novels but also imagined the reader and the kind of space they’d inhabit,” Callaghan says. “I drew sheets of the objects I imagined would adorn the readers’ bedside table and litter their floors, burning candles, TV dinners for one, cocktails, roses and fluffy slippers.”

With nineteen pieces on offer, it’s a whole wardrobe to take you into kitsch Narnia and back. Long-sleeve tees and bowler shirts bring Callaghan’s illustrations to life, pairing with matching trousers for a cover to cover look. Meanwhile, cloud print crop tops beg to be worn with matching bike shorts for a co-ord, sizzling summer’s day look. Floaty, fantastical maxi dresses complete the festival vibes, ready to be twirled around in a generous breeze.

For those who spend a little more time reading in bed than hitting the park, there’s a quilted robe to envelope yourself in when the clock strikes me-time, plus comfy socks and an eye mask (with eyes on, naturally) to send you off to the land of nod. If you really want to get all matchy-matchy, grab the bedding and chameleonize yourself into your duvet so you’ll never have to be found.

Turns out, then, that the perks of being a wallflower are getting tailor-made collections designed for endless, boundless reading. We never judge a book by its cover – but we reckon Lazy Oaf are onto a bestseller here…

The full LAZY OAF X LAURA CALLAGHAN collection is available now to purchase online here as well as in store in London. 

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