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Jazz-inspired aviators for sun-dappled lounging.

We’ve all collectively thrown 2020 a lot of shade. Which, considering it’s been more challenging than a totally barren sudoku grid, isn’t too much of a surprise.

One redeeming feature, though, is that this year’s also served us some super shades. Sunglasses case in point? Projekt Produkt.

Earlier this year, the Korean eyewear label dropped this love letter to Seoul and a Scandi-infused capsule inspired by Le Corbusier, cementing a style halfway between modern urbanite and elegant retrophile.

Now, we’ve been treated to a new collab with fellow Korean label viaplain. These guys focus on minimalist aesthetics and maximum quality materials, elevating simple silhouettes to the apex of elegance.

The outcome is two pairs of kitsch, chunky double-bridged aviators that would get you a scene in any Kubrick flick quicker than you can say ‘Here’s Johnny!’ The first model (the ‘via reviens’) sees half-and-half lenses blending clear and black layers, while ‘via piaf’ is available in a gorgeous, caramel-gold colourway.

Both designs are inspired by the 70s jazz scene, which makes them pair perfectly with a lounge classics record, a freshly mixed negroni and a heap of rays pouring through oversized windows.

In other words, our mood right now. Considering it’s been hotter than the molten insides of a cheese toastie the last few days, it might be time to pick up these shades.

Shop the Projekt Produkt x viaplain collab now here.

Words by Kyle MacNeill

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