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Win a chance to - err - tongue a tongue.

Fashion’s always found a devilish enjoyment in serving up little-finger food. FENDI churned out these ice-cool lollies, Chanel hosted its 2014 runway in an ersatz supermarket and – although highly bootleg – you can even daydream of some Louis Vuitton waffles thanks to designer Andrew Lewicki.

The only laces that tmrw have munched on before, though, are those astringent, stringy ones you get from Saino’s for some pocket shrapnel. Until now, that is, thanks to Adidas’ latest comp.

To celebrate the release of its ZX 2K Boost shoe – a fittingly gummy, squishy remix of a running shoe in bright orange and yellow – the sportswear staple is offering the chance to cop a cake version of the real thing.

It’s in 1:1 scale, which, as we can even work out, means that it’s lifesize. Slice open the toe and you’ll uncover a ganache-coated sponge, acid yellow butter cream and an orange flavour that’ll take you back to heady, half-time snacking back in your footballing days.

All you’ve got to do is either sign up here or visit the Creator Club on the Adidas app, and enter the raffle before 10am on Thursday 20th August. At noon on the same day, you’ll find out if you’ve landed yourself the prize.

The best bit? If you win, you’ll have the cake – and a real pair of the shoes – delivered straight to your front door, as long as you yourself or a mate lives in London. If you’re not so lucky, the ZX 2K Boost is available to buy online. Nab a pair, whip up a sad sponge and you can pretend you’re a winner.  But enter, and who knows, you may just be lucky – just keep feasting your eyes on the prize…

The Adidas ZX 2K Boost is available to buy here now.

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