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MCQ takes us back to the old school via varsity jackets and video games.

Collective brand MCQ is a Gen Z dream: built on fluid collaboration and an anarchistic, nonhierarchical structure, it’s definitely made for the digital age. There’s no head designer, every capsule is made by an ever-changing roster of artists (always named on every tag) and NFC technology means you can interact with the garms in weird and wonderful ways.

This time, they’re taking us back to school via ‘Eden High’, a new capsule that morphs varsity, collegiate pieces into mismatched, glitchy designs. Uniform is unformed, thanks to smart, pleated skirts ribboning into drapes, blazers being offset with loops and chains and tailored trousers overflowing onto chunky, retro sneakers. Video game references level up sweats and tees, brought to life in the campaign video.

There’s a sportier side to the collection, too, with a green, purple and white shellsuit making coach look cool, a couple of oversized embroidered rugby shirts and team spellout jackets. Nothing is quite what it seems: glance at the green and purple striped tee quickly and you might miss that the final stripe becomes three-dimensional, wrapping around trousers in a neat nod to the 3D graphic designers behind the collection. Elsewhere, buttons appear on the back of workwear jackets, and the shell suit design bleeds into the grey blazer like rucksack straps.

If this is what school looks like these days (we’re pretty sure it doesn’t) we’d happily slurp a magic milkshake to turn sixteen again and take us back. Regardless, we’ll be whacking these on and pretending we’re living out a nineties revival craze sometime in the future (the twenty-nineties?), just as long as we don’t have to actually redo any of our exams.

Check out the MCQ Eden High collection online here.

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