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Andre Assous x Gola x Snow Xue GaoBig Apple Blend: Plaid Perfection

by Maja Bebber

The collection seamlessly blends classic motifs with avant-garde silhouettes celebrating the city's diverse culture and fashion-forward attitude.

Whether you prefer to opt for a classic loafer or a laid-back sneaker, those iconic brands have got you covered. Andre Assous and Gola team up with womenswear brand Snow Xue Gao for their Fall/Winter 2024 collection ‘Big Apple Blend: Plaid Perfection.’

Founder and Creative Director, Snow, remarks, “With this collection, we capture the essence of New York City – its boldness, diversity, and relentless innovation.”

Featuring statement-making wool plaid coats, silk print shirts adorned with bold geometric patterns, and elegant qipao tops, each piece reflects the city’s dynamic fashion landscape. Snow Xue Gao’s flagship store, located between the Lower East Side and the Soho neighbourhood, has been a hub for fashion enthusiasts for almost two years, showcasing the brand’s commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and sustainability. Drawing inspiration from the eclectic Soho style and the ever-evolving NYC fashion culture, the Fall/Winter 2024 Collection captures the essence of New York City’s dynamic fashion landscape. From the bustling streets of Manhattan to the vibrant art scene of Brooklyn, Snow Xue Gao embraces the diversity and dynamism of New York City, reflecting it in every stitch and detail of the collection. New York City’s fashion culture is deeply intertwined with its status as a global centre for art, music, and entertainment. From the iconic landmarks that provide a backdrop for countless fashion shoots to the world renowned cultural institutions that inspire new trends, the city’s energy and creativity are palpable. As Snow Xue Gao continues to inspire creativity and self-expression, and the Fall/Winter 2024 Collection exemplifies the enduring influence of NYC culture on fashion.

Ni Oyang
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