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Annette Welander launches Sequential
an inclusive, gender-neutral fine jewellery collection

A single item can inspire a voyage of discovery when exploring the piece’s inspiration, conception and creation, opening the eye to a wider level of understanding.

Crafted by skilled jewellery artisans in Stockholm, Sweden, every piece is a wearable expression of influence, with elegantly crafted sculptural arrangements, the emotion conveyed through each design is comparable to art. At Annette Welander, gender-neutrality means that there is no limit to what can be created and what can be worn – all the pieces are in fact inclusive and uniquely complex.

This fine jewellery range sacrifices nothing to make a statement, playing with innovative and experimental designs that touch on the notions of modernism and minimalism. The Collection is as visually striking as it is intellectually challenging, its conceptual designs are based on circumferences, adhering to the principles of duplication, repetition and multiplication. Connecting at different centres with diverse arc length cuts, the pieces create space by taking a single mass and extending it into a sequence of different forms.

The collection interacts with the world in a similar way to that of architecture, promoting self-expression, diversity, and independence. Annette Welander’s designs invigorate the mind, being both physically manifested and visually engaging whilst also challenging people to build lasting and positive relationships with the world around them.

You can browse the collection, here.

Words by Alice Ierace

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