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Art-inspired travel brand Sprayground check back into the airport in style.

Considering that we’re still currently in a major pandemic that has all but halted all holidays, it wouldn’t seem a typical time to launch a new luggage collection. Right now, the least of our worries is whether we turn up or turn up to the airport, and when we do get round to it, it’ll be a onesie and hot water bottle for us.

But, then, street-ready baggage brand Sprayground is anything but typical. They slid into the game trying to do something new, swapping tired hold-alls and gammy suitcases for bags dripping with shark, rap and money motifs. It’s just how they roll.

So, they’ve decided now is as good as ever to drop a new triple collection. Their reasoning? They’ve got no ‘design borders’ and can be first-in when it comes to designing the luggage of the post-lockdown future. Summer holidays are going to return in some form, too, so it doesn’t seem too zany come to think about it.

Tagged ‘No Borders’, the collection sees a trio of new designs take to the airport. All three have the now-iconic shark-mouth detail, oozing style with its embossed ‘Sharkitecture’ shell. The lining plays off the brand’s trademark ‘money stash’ pattern, and the outer handle neatly houses a Sprayground backpack.

Functionality isn’t left behind at the departure gate, either. All have rotating wheels, lock security, multiple pockets for all your valuables and a rock-hard polycarbonate shell in case of any overzealous baggage handlers.

It’s hard not to get excited for nomadic travels looking at these, or even just roaming around duty-free (we’re desperate). For now, we’re all grounded (rightly so) – but with these bad-boys we’ll be ready to keep calm and carry-on asap.


The Sprayground ‘No Borders’ Collection is available here, starting at $200.

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