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The Bad Motherfucker collection smashes streetwear to a pulp, and does film tie-ins to a tee.

Remember the opening (and closing, ‘cos, Tarantino) scene of Pulp Fiction? Finding himself in a restaurant robbery, Jules gets Pumpkin to tell Honey Bunny to “be cool”, but she freaks out.

What would’ve solved it is shoving on one of HUF’s new shirts. The lowdown? International streetwear label HUF have dropped a new capsule called Bad Motherfucker, and – aptly – it’s motherfucking badass.

The collection ties in with the cult film’s twenty-fifth anniversary (we’re all old), drawing on its iconographic aesthetic (blocky fonts, fiery yellow and reds, Mia Wallace’s looks) and effortlessly cool vibes.

Let’s start with the shirts. Two woven bad-boys kick everything off, one in black with an all-over print of the title and the other featuring graphic stills from the film. There’s also a Mia Wallace tee (swoon) and a neo-noir black long-sleeve top that’s club-ready.

Next, we’ve got a strawberry red long sleeve top featuring the famous Big Kahuna burger (“I hear they got some tasty burgers!”) That’s complemented with a Ezekiel tee, which could be layered together for a properly juicy Pulp look.
Jackets, now. HUF have served us a Coach Jacket that’s as sharp as Vince’s suit, and we’ve also been treated with a hoodie for those couch-slouching, film-binging nights.

We’ve saved the best ‘til last. They’ve only gone and produced a skate deck decked out with the iconic poster image of Wallace smoking. Mamma Mia, man!

In true Tarantino form, we’ll end this with the beginning. Be cool, honey!

The new HUF Bad Motherfucker collection – featuring Pulp Fiction inspired designs – is now available. Buy it online at:

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