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It’s the best heritage brand you’ve never heard of.

Pub quiz (a very swanky one, mind) question – can you order Prada, FENDI, Chanel, Salvatore Ferragamo and Gucci by founding date?

We’ll whack the answers at the bottom, but whatever the result, you’d probably be surprised to hear that Borbonese predates ‘em all.

Founded in 1910 in Turin to capture the Italian bourgeois style, it’s always been centred around bags but also designs savoir-faire oozing womenswear collections too. On the eve of its one-hundred-and-ten-year anniversary, it’s just unveiled its SS21 selection of accessories.

Filed under its 1910 Borbonese diffusion label, it’s got bags of quality, literally. There are soft styles (Armonica, Aspen, Centerfold, Balloon, Message), mini versions (Bubble, 110), more expansive silhouettes (Etoile, Muffin) and a canvas style (Graffiti).

As aesthetically rich as they may be, function is at the forefront of all the variants. They’re made for the travelling woman, which, right now, is absolutely no-one, but may well be you when this all finally blows over.

All the hues are neutral enough to match with everything, too. Earthy, Romano, terracotta colourways match the shoot’s sculpture-garden backdrop, described as a ‘multisensory aquarium’ which we might have to steal as a phrase.

Best is the brand’s move towards sustainable practices. As old as it may be, it’s not afraid to experiment with novel fabrications. All nylons used in the collection are recycled, as are the two main leathers used. We love to see this.

The Italians do just know how to do fashion properly, simple as. The whole capsule drips with class, and more chic than an early-seventies disco band.

Answers: Chanel [1910] // Prada [1913] // Gucci [1921] // FENDI [1925]. Pat on the back if you got these.

Check out Borbonese online here.


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