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The Olivia Rodrigo approved jewellery brand unveils a new surrealist collection for Nordstrom’s New Concepts series.

There are dozens of twelves in our lives – zodiac signs, disciples, eggs in a carton, flowers in a bouquet – but more excitingly, New York-based jewellery brand Twelve. Founded in 2018 by designer Haley Peacock, it’s become a mainstay of surrealist bling (see also: Beepy Bella) and loved by people we love, from Olivia Rodrigo to Tommy Genesis.

Now, they’re popping-up at Nordstrom’s annual holiday space in time for Christmas (twelve days!) with a collection of original pieces. It’s part of New Concepts, a series of collaborative capsules concocted by the luxury department store that sees them feature their most crushed-on brands. This year’s edition is titled Concept 015: Make it Bazaar, bringing together eclectic, kooky pieces from some of our favourites: Ashish, Bode, More Joy, Mami Water and, of course, Twelve.

The lead motif is the ‘Sweet Tooth’, a ceramic fang hung on a pearl chain necklace and a stud earring, ideal for budding dentists and those with a penchant for the vampiric. Similarly gothic is the Crystal Web Necklace, filled with a gossamer web design, while padlocks are seen across the Lucky Pair earrings and Gemstone Lock crystal chainlink. Finally, there’s a Mirror Mirror Locket and Tag, both with a microscopic reflective surface to reposition a single, annoying strand of hair.

It goes without saying that we’re mega-fans of the editorial shot by John Novotny, transporting us into an ethereal, extraterrestrial world filled with out-of-this-world gems. We really hope that the big man upstairs (Santa, not God, but either/or) is listening and sorts us out with every single piece on the linesheet; twelve would do nicely, yeah?

Make It Bazaar is available exclusively at (deep breath):, Nordstrom Men’s Store NYC (New York, NY), Nordstrom Downtown Seattle (Seattle, WA), Nordstrom South Coast Plaza (Costa Mesa, CA),  Nordstrom NorthPark (Dallas, TX) and Nordstrom Pacific Centre (Vancouver, BC, Canada) until January 30th, 2022. 

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