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Yixi Chen’s L.A.-based label returns with another installment of eclectically blended models, staying in line with its retro-futuristic aesthetic.

Utilising its fabrications as a noticeably unique feature showcased within this collection, C2H4® (otherwise known chemically as Ethylene) draws upon the very essence of what chemistry demonstrates: blending different substances to create new matters. 

Following up from their last chapter, Case #R001 ‘Post Human Era,’ the brand’s SS20 range, Case #R001-X, continues further discussion towards possible social formations to come in the future. The Neo-Renaissance referenced throughout highlights an illustration of an initiatory period of rebirthing cultural and economic hierarchies. This coincides with an advanced stage of ‘Post Human Era’ that depicts integration from all aspects—a showcase of when independent developers and trailblazers merge from existing classes to find a new status.

The design structure of the collection draws upon this inspiration to demonstrate the capabilities of forming new structures within their garments, pulling different elements of design from parallel areas to create its own form of aesthetic. Offset detailing can be seen implemented throughout in the form of explicit outlines and experimental cuts, driving through the brand’s own conceptualisation towards “integrated culture.” In addition to this, varied textured forms of nylon have been incorporated throughout the garments to enhance layering opportunities, alongside a new garment-dyeing process that sees the product receive the treatment after the cut and sew steps.

C2H4’s latest collection also provides the debut of its very own womenswear and jewelry lines. The former utilises its strength through refined silhouettes and muted colour palettes for feminine yet wearable properties, while the latter focuses on gender fluidity and open interpretation for versatile outfit accenting.

Words by Dillon Backhouse

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