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by Alex Brzezicka

Dressed to impress, we’re listening to ‘Painkiller’ on the loop.

Call Me Loop might hail from a small England town but she’s not your girl-next-door singer. She is the It girl. Georgia Buchanan AKA Call Me Loop has it all: ready to shine a bright pop of light at any time with her talent, charisma and, of course, the heartbreaking voice. Ever since stealing the spotlight with her hit 2018 single, ‘Give ‘n’ Take’, she’s been breaking glass ceilings since, and ready to break some records in the future too.

Writing songs and performing at the age of five, it was evident from the get go that Call Me Loop was destined for the stage. Mark our words, 2022 will belong to her. Straight after releasing the unapologetic and emotive single ‘Year of the Ex’, she’s turning nostalgic in ‘Painkiller’ with a beautiful video to follow up.

With enough energy and allure to bring the whole city to its knees, she’s a South London pop-powerhouse you need to know. Call Me Loop’s down-to-earth lyrics meet flawlessly with her tongue-in-cheek commentary on everyday fleeting feelings, making it so relatable that all we want is to buy her a round of drinks and hit the streets in search of gossip and boogie. In our best dress of course… Pain-free and ready to face any past drama, from the cosy comfort of her home, we’ve asked the lovely Call Me Loop to show us how to play the fashion game and score high…

I’ve always loved fashion and the ability to express myself and my mood through the clothing I wear, but I think in the last few years in particular I’ve started to really come into my own with my style and feeling like it’s an accurate representation of me as a person (and artist). I generally have two main styles day to day, which are sporty&androgynous&grungey or girly&glam. I love to be comfortable, so I’m mostly in baggy trousers and trainers or chunky boots, and studio days are always tracksuit days without fail, but when the mood takes me, I love putting on a huge platformed heel and getting some skin out. I also had a pretty big wardrobe shift during the pandemic, where I went from living in mostly blacks and muted colours to becoming obsessed with colour. Maybe it was a way of brightening up a very dim and grim period of time and reclaiming a bit of fun in my life.

I definitely get the most compliments on my outfits from strangers when I’m head to toe in bright colours. I feel like my mood is instantly lifted when I walk out the house in a colourful fit. That’s what’s so great about fashion, it really can have an impact on you and the people who come into contact with you. 

I used to shop high street a lot pre-pandemic, but since being confined to my flat – and becoming a lot more aware of sustainable fashion – I now love discovering brands via Instagram, or through my stylist Phoebe Butterworth. She’s always dressing me in the sickest small independent designers so whenever I wear something, I love on a shoot I’ll go find them on Instagram and look for more goodies. – Call Me Loop


“Here’s a great example of said colourful fits! I love green and pink as a combo and this is kinda mixing the sporty vibe with the feminine vibe. The top, scarf and jacket are from Celia Pops, the trousers Ascension, the bag Kurt Geiger, trainers Adidas, ‘Call Me Loop’ necklace from Bella Riley Jewellery, rings from Kurt Geiger, Celeste Starre and Lucky Eleven.”


Enter tomboy mode! Baggy jeans and an oversized shirt: a staple look for me. But I love the additional jean frills and the pastel colours in the top to lighten it up a bit. And one or two buttons done up max to show a bit of skin. Shirt & jeans from New Girl Order, socks from Weekday.


So, when I go girly, it’s often very ‘Clueless’. I love a kilt miniskirt. And I’m really into blouses/shirts at the moment too. Sometimes paired with skirts and heels like this for that schoolgirl look, or sometimes with baggy trousers and trainers, under an oversized sweatshirt and jacket, when I’m feeling the androgynous vibe. This skirt is originally from Pimkie, but I got it second hand at a vintage store on Brick Lane. The heels are Topshop from about 10 years ago. You never wanna throw out a staple black strappy block heel! Blouse is Pimkie too – didn’t even realise I was donning double Pimkie til I checked the label! And the waistcoat is Alchemy London, which is actually the same one I’m wearing in my Year Of The Ex artwork video.


“And last but definitely not least, my studio looks haha. If you see me out and about most days of the week… I’ll be wearing something like this. Honestly, I just love being comfy when I’m writing and recording. The hat is from a little stall I found at Columbia Road Flower Market, the trackies are Skinnydip, and the sweater is my next door neighbour’s that he let me steal lol. No idea where it’s from, but omg I live in it. Not sure what I wore before I nicked it.”

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