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Charles Jeffrey Loverboy A/W 24:The curious case of Moshkirk & Booness

by Maja Bebber

Inspired by a tale of the 70's Charles Jeffrey's Loverboy Autumn/Winter collection reflects a state of society that is far from unfamiliar.

“Something strange was happening. Clothes were moving, wriggling, and even making sounds, some even started to grow eyes, arms, and legs. Bags grew tongues, boots grew legs, hats even grew ears. All the clothes started developing these labels that read “Charles Jefrey LOVERBOY, with this we monster underneath.”

Inspired by a tale of the 70’s Charles Jeffrey’s Loverboy Autumn/Winter collection reflects a state of society that is far from unfamiliar. The tale goes a little bit like this. In 1979, a meteor flew over the village of Moshkirk and cast aflash of light bright enough, and powerful enough, to cut Moshkirkians out of society. Without contact to the rest of the world, let alone Glasgow, the villagers pioneered fashions of ’79. Think punk, dancehall, disco. new wave, no wave, post punk. “It was all the rage.” said McPewitt. Teenagers and grannies alike embraced the culture of this bygone era, to the point of limbo. Pulling and tugging between then and now, the Moshkirkians admiration of 1979 became a way of life, for good and for bad.

In 2023, when this years collection was in the works, it got the team thinking. Austerity, pain, an economic crisis, mass unemployment and all-time-high inflation, it all sounds too familiar. But through trauma comes creativity: when we experience the worst, can the weird, wonderful, hedonistic, and silly come to fruition in order to say something bigger?

Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY AW24 is an ode to Moshkirk. To Scotland. To the rebellious spirits of a revived subculture that lives on strong to this day. It also speaks to the magical, the fables and stories. the absurd, and delivers this in a way that celebrates Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY in all its playful glory.

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