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Free love meets the space race - it’s not rocket science.

The acid-dipped days of the 60s were pretty wild. Maybe we’re going a little rose-tinted specs, here, but we could all do with a bit of free-wheelin’, free-lovin’ flower power.

Enter clothsurgeon. The London-based menswear brand, headed-up by designer Rav Matharu, has been quickly gathering hype for its deft blend of streetwear and sartorial classics. Now, inspired by the ‘60s and ‘70s, they’ve unleashed their SS20 wardrobe.

The collection’s inspo sits in the liminal space between two competing mid-century trends. First up is hippie counterculture and the return to exploring Earth’s natural beauty. The second is almost the opposite – the space race and looking beyond our planet. Both had trips to outer space, mind.

Titled ‘It’s A Lie’ (was Kubrick moonlighting us all?), it translates its high concept into natural, flowing silhouettes with modern technical fabrics.

Digitally-printed silk embellished with a daisy-chain motif pairs with a vintage denim collection to capture sixties summer vibes. Leather jackets with ever-fading tan hues, meanwhile, take us back to the seventies, riding into the sunset on a Harley Davidson.

We’re gassed to see what clothsurgeon has got in store for us next – we love a killer concept, us.

The collection will shortly be available here

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