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The brand’s second jewellery collection is a brutalist’s wet concrete dream.

Concrete is like Marmite: you either love it or hate it, and if you stepped into a pool of it you’d probably end up stuck. While some see Brutalist architecture as a mid-century eyesore of ghastly, grey rock, diabolically bad insulation and rapid decay, others herald it as an irresistibly aesthetic. 

MORF, a Belgrade-based jewellery brand inspired by Yugoslavia’s cityscapes, are certainly part of the love-it camp. They launched last year with a debut womens’ collection built with oversized blocks of concrete and steel bases. Now, they’re back with ‘The Silver Collection’, fortifying their initial pieces with silver-smithing and set concrete panels. Expect the same chokers, rings and necklaces, but with updated, upgraded structures.

As industrial as the pieces may be, they’re all handmade in small runs and manually polished, crafted with a rock-solid attention to detail. The Blok 74 Necklace is our favourite, a cuboid of concrete slabs ending in a triangular point. The rings, meanwhile,  are a little more reigned-in than before, making them more minimal and ready for everyday wear, while new O-shaped Blok 73 Earrings are deliciously statement, ready to catch the inner-city smog.

If you’re into all things stripped-back and head to Berlin more than a budding DJ at art school, this one’s for you. We’re very ready to cover ourselves in these pieces and effortlessly blend into the Barbican – maybe, while we’re thinking of it, with a Marmite sandwich in our concrete-adorned hand…

MORF’s ‘The Silver Collection’ is available online here, with prices ranging from £130 to £295.

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