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by Kitty Robson

Fusing the classic and the innovative this spring summer season.

Renowned worldwide for it’s unique denim, Japanese designer EDWIN’s Spring Summer 2021 collection proves that they can do everything else just as well too. Blending a diverse mix of styles in their mainline collection, the brand it bringing together the old and the new to create something special. 

Amalgamating wardrobe staples with luxe sportswear and utilitarian silhouettes, the collection reinterprets time-honoured traditions of fashion. Inspired by stylish scenes of the ages, from the ‘80s new wave to a ‘90s stoner, the collection celebrates counterculture and combines it with the needs of the modern day.

EDWIN tells us, “The Japanese influence remains ingrained in the mainline, led by the city of Yokosuka, the originators of the Sukajan (スカジャン) and it’s distinct embroidered style. The Souvenir Survival Jacket and Souvenir From Japan Shirt lead the way with subtle embroidered touches found scattered across the collection. A random assortment of photocopiers, dietary supplements, tarot cards and the Japanese language of flowers define the allover prints for the coming season, delivering a multitude of options on a variety of lightweight textured summer shirts.” 

A collection celebrating craft and culture, all brought together under EDWIN’s singular vision. Check it out for yourself below here and shop online here.

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