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Everything we love about the Riyadh-based streetwear brand.

Our new series CRUSHING celebrates our latest brand crushes, condensed into a miniature confession of love.

So, who’s the lucky label?


Blimey, isn’t that past its sell by date?

It’s just their name. They were actually formed in 2006, based in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. We’re not sure why they chose a year one-hundred-and-twenty years prior, but it was the date that saw Arsenal play their first-ever match, the first-ever ticker-tape parade and Coca-Cola’s first adverts, so they’re on hallowed ground.

What turned your head?

Their designs. It’s streetwear with art at its heart, with eye-catching aesthetics rather than eye-watering prices (forty-quid hoodies, major!) Colour palettes are blocky Klein blues mixed with neutrals, printed with cute, cannabinoid-infused drawings of superheroes, milk cartons and butterflies.

Ca-ute! Where’s best to take them out?

The skatepark or the sidestreets, preferably with a can of Dr Pepper and some Doritos (but we wouldn’t dare spill the crumbs!)

We’d advise against the Tangy Cheese pre-first date.

Too late.

Sigh. Have you Insta-stalked them?

Naturally – they separate everything into deliciously aesthetic rows, showing off their Summer Maze collection in a field of wheat, which, as we all know, is pretty much the naughtiest thing you can do. Stalk them here, too.

Gorgeous. Do you see a future?

For sure. They’re fast-rising thanks to a collab with rapper A$AP TyY and a new motif called MOLTY, a kind of blue smiley blobby thing.

Can you introduce me?

Yep. Find more of their stuff here, and swoon over their minimal streetwear.

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