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by Kyle MacNeill

The streetwear label doffs its cap to its workwear roots.

Dickies is absolute life right now. If you haven’t got a pair of their work pants crumpled next to your bed, then the ceiling above that bed is probably a massive rock. They’ve been riding at the front of the workwear/skatewear hype and always have something exciting in the (half) pipeline.

Now, their Dickies Life label, which deals with their streetwear, has dropped its SS20 wardrobe with three new collections. 

The first is titled ‘Color Block.’ Like the Wrangler asymmetrical jackets that got us very excited, it’s painted with clashing, ’90s hues. Hero pieces include the Denniston fleece (oversized for those chilly evenings) and the Twin City bucket hat. Two Cuban collar shirts join the party, mixing a blend of deep pinks and neutrals (peach brulee, dark blue, violet, black).

Next up is the ‘Custom Create’ collection—dark navy with ‘Same Old Dickies’ embroidered throughout and stuffed with utility pockets to stop all your knick-knacks getting nicked or knackered.

Finally, there’s the ‘All Over Print’ collection, built around a repeated Dickies logo for all you monogram monomaniacs. A matching shirt-short suit made up of ‘Maxeys’ and ‘Cave Point’ is the hype, here.

All in all, it’s a super in-vogue mix of heritage, retro and streetwear that’s really casual but with slick, straight cuts. It works for us, Dickies.

The ‘Color Block’ & ‘Custom Create’ collections are available here now. The ‘All Over Print’ collection will drop in April.

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