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From concrete rings to cactus kicks, here are some weird and wonderful things given a new lease of life.

Every week, we deliver DROP EVERYTHING – a first-class round-up of the most urgent, sustainable, progressive and forward-thinking releases that need to go straight into your wardrobe.

What makes sustainable and preloved fashion so beguiling? For us, the charm comes from the stories behind the objects. The products of fast fashion are devoid of any sort of narrative, and if their origins were transparent, it certainly wouldn’t make for light reading.

But with more conscious creation, there are whole bore-you-in-a-corner-of-a-party yarns woven into every single item. For those in the know, we’ve got wallets made out of decommissioned fire hoses (Elvis & Kresse), jackets made from recycled wetsuits (WAWWA) and bags made from recycled bottles (Roka) at our fingertips. Read ‘at our fingertips’ as: ‘in our baskets’.

We’ve lassoed a few gems to add to this weird and wonderful list of upcycled, recycled, remixed, remade things. From concrete to cactus to fighter pilot uniforms, this week’s stacked with objects given a new lease of life in some way or another. Let’s hit it.


In terms of sustainable track records, H&M is less multi-platinum and more tin-plated. The commercial giant has recently dipped a toe or two into more ethical fashion, be it through machines that decimate and reassemble recycled garms in store, or sourcing recycled textiles via Swedish geniuses Renewcell. But, all in all, it’s still pretty fast.

We’re glad to see some progress made though via the brand’s new Conscious collection. From recycled polyester dresses to hemp blazers, it’s an attempt at more affordable sustainable fashion that we’re very much game for. 

Drop everything and get…the Vegea and recycled polyester boots, made out of a wine by-product and removable sock to turn them into mules, like some sort of Transformers madness.


We’ve had trainers made from pineapple leafs and leather kicks produced from apples. Joining the fruit bowl is Clae, a premium footwear brand that’s just teamed up with DESSERTO to make sneakers out of the prickly pear (technically, it’s a cactus).

Produced in Mexico, the cactus is cultivated only with natural minerals and rainwater, before being crushed, dried and then shaped. The laces, too, are made from recycled nylon and the sole is made from natural rubber, proving that these spiny shoes have a whole lot of backbone. 

Drop everything and get…the green Bradley Cactus shoes, inspired by its prickly origin.


The team at Raeburn are absolute geniuses at turning scraps of uniform into forward-looking, utilitarian wonders. Their latest material muse is Anti-G wear, used by fighter pilots to withstand ultra high levels of acceleration (the suits press firmly against your body to stop your brain losing blood and you blacking out).

Deconstruction and reassembling old pairs of Anti-G trousers, the brand has come up with a full capsule revolving around typical khaki and grey tones and street-ready silhouettes that make you look ready to loop-the-loop the skyline. Turns out you really can recognise the gravity of environmental destruction, but make it look hyper-cool at the same time. 

Drop everything and get..the Anti-G Pkt Crew Olive, made with an upcycled pocket and too many accredited standards to mention now (but, trust, Raeburn are angels).


Brutalism might not be for everyone (see: the people of Manchester), but for folk who appreciate all things industrial, it’s an anti-aesthetic delight. MORF are part of that gang, choosing to use concrete across their jewellery range to absorb the urban environment into your outfit.

Right now, everything on their site is on sale, which means you have every excuse to buy the lot and blend-in with your local ‘50s architecture.

Drop everything and get…the Blok 36 Dark Ring, inspired by ‘corduroy’ concrete and allowing you to slip into Berghain with a click of your fingers.

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