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From pockets to patchwork, we’ve got a lucky dip of sustainable staples.

Every week, we deliver DROP EVERYTHING – a first-class round-up of the most urgent, sustainable, progressive and forward-thinking releases that need to go straight into your wardrobe.

Advent is here, meaning that 2020 is finally, nearly, on its way out. It’s been quite the adventure, hasn’t it? 

You’re probably sick of hearing that, because chatting shit about this year has become the equivalent of waffling about the weather or bad parking; or whatever other inane chat carried our previously positively mundane lives through elevators and eleveneses. 

But, 2020, eh?

Anyhow, we’re spreading our usual TGIF vibes with our latest selection of green-thinking brands, this time focusing on sustainable staples you can pair with anything and everything. Pull your hangers to the side of your clothes rail and get stuck in.


We’ve been hounding pretty much everyone we know to take a look at Hund Hund’s site. The German label makes razor-sharp, oil-slick staples using offcuts sourced from luxury labels, dropping speedy capsules like an old-school Berlin raver.

We’re really excited to see them continue to flesh out their ‘Radical Transparency’ labelling; plus, since every collection is made from a totally new find of fabrics, you never know what’ll turn up online. Whatever it is, though, is the absolute dog’s.

Drop everything and get...the Tamme Utility Trench, ready to take you from door back to door via discerning door policy.


Everything about minimalist streetwear label Shahini Fakhourie feels tactile, from the use of pencilled-in details and watercolour embellishments to a sensory ecstasy of metals, silks and cottons. Produced using ethical fabrics in the brand’s zero-waste Brooklyn factory, the first collection is being released on new sustainable market Pildora.

It’s very much in its nascent stages, so pieces are few and far between. But the ones that have dropped are gorgeously sleek, mixing tried-and-tested neutrals with statement silhouettes and utilitarian details.

Drop everything and get...the Therese Cape, featuring a two-way zipper and edgelord-worthy ‘Controller Disconnected’ back pocket. 



You’ll know by now that we’re mega fans of everything RAEBURN do and consider them at the vanguard of all things sustainable fashion. Although not a new drop per se (complaint forms available on request), they’ve just launched an Archive Sale stuffed with samples and deadstock from previous collections.

Bargain hunters rejoice – there are wool coats for under a hunner, sweats for a no-sweat £30 and all kinds of treats to snap-up ASAP.

Drop everything and get..the gloriously named Choc Chip Hoodie, which is actually desert camo but is, to be fair, mouthwateringly tempting.


Inspired by Danish Special Force soldiers (caught your eye, haven’t we?), Newline HALO is all about functional, utilitarian staples to layer-up and live your life in. It’s actually tested on soldiers, too, so is a bit of military chic that we can’t resist.

Unsurprisingly, khaki and neutral tones are the major players here, with a focus on training gear, useful details and tech-wear.

Drop everything and get...the Halo Tech Zip Shirt and feel like you’ve just gone from fashion school to boot camp.

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