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Our first of two Christmas editions for the slightly more organised among us.

Every week, we deliver DROP EVERYTHING – a first-class round-up of the most urgent, sustainable, progressive and forward-thinking releases that need to go straight into your wardrobe.

It’s officially a fortnight until Christmas Day, meaning it’s approximately just under a fortnight until we usually start our festive shopping. This year, though we’re on top of things – like, what else is there to even do? Gift Guides are being slung at us from left, right and centre-fold right now, with sackfuls of on-sale items less likely to fill stockings and more bore a hole into them from sheer weight.

We’ve waded through this material world, flung aside (into charity donation bags) any fast fashion and have served-up some of our favourite sustainable pieces on the market right now. We’ll be doing a part two next week, two, if you really like to live life on the edge and eyeball the front door like a human version of a Ring doorbell.


Sustainable performance label TALA and conscious backpack creator BEEN have linked-up for the Limited Edition Vauxhall Backpack, a genius combo of pretty much every eco-friendly, new-age fabric going. Each bag is a mix of apple ‘leather’, recycled IKEA uniforms, plastic bottles and fishing nets, which sounds like the innards of a Croydon skip but somehow marries together into a beautiful bag.

It’s full of pockets for your various bits and bobs, too, and is packaged and delivered by MailOut, a social enterprise that trains and employs Londoners with learning difficulties. A properly special present for a loved one who always loses everything.

Drop everything and get…the Limited Edition Vauxhall Backpack, obvs. It’s the only product in the collab and it absolutely slaps.


Priya Ahluwalia’s self-titled brand has had a wildly successful 2020, gaining accolades from the glossy titles of the fashion world, plus prizes from unthinkably big mega-corps LVMH and H&M. Drawing on her Indian-Nigerian heritage and London fashion knowledge, every capsule dropped has been a seventies-flecked, curved-motif delight.

Upcycled patches and swatches with contrasting textures are spliced and stitched together into some of the most forward-thinking menswear pieces we’ve seen for years. No one’s got a patch on Ahluwalia right now, and 2021 is going to be their year.

Drop everything and get…the Striped Patchwork Upcycled-Cotton Shirt, a Mondrianish pick-and-mix of primary colours and classic stripes.


There’s nothing wooly about Sheep Inc’s proposition, aside from the materials used. They promise the first carbon-negative knitwear on earth, with total transparency and traceability (including NFC tags inspired by the flocks of sheep used). Everything they do mitigates CO2, whether it’s buying a product or even simply signing-up to their newsletter, which alone offsets 10kg.

Longevity is woven through everything they produce via their use of top-tier New Zealand Merino wool – and we absolutely live for the fact that you can trace your sweater back to the exact farm it’s from.

Drop everything and get..the Medium Knit in Anthracite, so versatile you could probably use it as a tea cosy (don’t, it’s far too precious).


Look, we’re going to be very straight with you here – nothing about House of Sunny is remotely wintery. Like, look at the name. But everyone loves the sun and as a world we’re desperately deficient of Vitamin D, so we have absolutely zilcho problems with wearing a summer palette all year long and pretending we’re somewhere hotter than our Siberian suburban flat.

House of Sunny have got our golden-hour dreams covered with a premium sustainably produced range of light, bright, natural clothes. Solar yellows abound, as do sunset landscapes and retro ovular prints. Twenty minutes on their site and we’ve got a tan coming on.

Drop everything and get…the Landscape Knit, and watch anyone in front of you gaze at your jumper as if they’re on a far-flung coast thinking about life’s richest fruits.


If you’re looking for something shiny for someone special, Jemma Whitehouse may be your latest gem. Using premium Sterling Silver and 9K Yellow Gold, and wrapped-up with love in 100% recycled packaging, it’s a green-minded approach to jewellery.

They’ve got a job production system meaning that there’ll never be any products that go to waste, plus a lifetime warranty that means, quite obviously, your item will last a lifetime.

Drop everything and get…the Never Far Ring, a gorgeously entangled miniature art piece for your finger.

Words by Kyle MacNeill

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