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Like a buffet at a swanky hotel, this week we’ve got a little bit of everything and it’s all delicious.

Every week, we deliver DROP EVERYTHING – a first-class round-up of the most urgent, sustainable, progressive and forward-thinking releases that need to go straight into your wardrobe. 

‘Spring has sprung!’ It’s proclaimed every year as if a surprise but really based on the unerring, infallible position of the Earth in regards to the sun. But, to be honest, it wouldn’t have been a surprise the way we’ve had it recently if we just went straight into autumn or if we found out people in power actually were lizards. Those pesky bats at the start of 2020 have rendered our collective eyelids unable to bat at anything at all.

Unless, that is, your peepers are firmly fixed on this page – as we’ve got some eye-catching, eyebrow-raising sustainable clothes to get through all in the blink of the aforementioned organ. We’ve got pieces from ‘bad weather experts’ and solar-inspired brands, some surf-ready gear and luxury streetwear from London. Essentially, a little buffet of everything, for everyone, for whatever spring hits us with. Grab one of those small plates that’s a bit hot to hold, shuffle awkwardly past someone hogging the scrambled eggs and get loading up…


We’ve said it about seventy times now, but the seventies are still really in fashion right now and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. Which is good, because we’d like to keep it that way: especially when the likes of House of Sunny are dropping glam, stellar collections like ‘Ride A White Swan’. Named after the T-Rex groover, it’s a trippy, kitsch mix of swan motifs, mushrooms, swirls, landscapes and horses, tapping into our love for psychedelia and westernwear in one fell swoop. The swansong is the collection’s use of sustainable materials, plus it’s slow fashion revolving around pre-orders, avoiding excess production or waste.

Drop everything and getthe Bolan Mini Icon, a 100% recycled ‘tigger print’ bag that’s so effortlessly suave it could spark a spontaneous ‘happening’ all on its own. Get it here.


We’ll soon be allowed to socialise outdoors again, and although we’re envisaging balmy evenings we’ll more likely be embalmed by booze and frost. It makes sense, then, to nab yourself a quality coat. Maium is just the ticket, making a splash for their all-weather outerwear and bucket (luckily not the water-collecting kind) hats. Their SS21 collection sees a new Mac and Trench made from organic cotton and recycled PET and designed with movement in mind. Throw it on and glide from park meet-up to park meet-up to, err, park meet-up like a duck to water. 

Drop everything and getthe Iced Coffee Mac, for two reasons: it transforms into a poncho for your bike, plus its name describes your last mid-morning spillage at work. Get it here.


Surfing in the UK might not be as cool as Cali or Bondi (though, literally, it’s infinitely colder): but whack on some good gear and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported from Devon to somewhere divine. Quiksilver’s new womenswear collection will do the job, turning the tide back to the 90s and bringing it up to breakneck speed via Batik influences, checkerboard motifs and geometric bikinis. The swimwear line, too, is made from 100% fishing waste, while hoodies feature organic cotton and recycled polyester.

Drop everything and getthe Worldwide View Long Sleeve top, and look hotter than the campfire. Get it here.


Just debuted at London Fashion Week, Abigail Ajobi’s AW20/21 capsule makes a statement via bold, blocky designs and sturdy, luxury fabrics. It sees political slogans lifted from the Black Lives Matter protests last summer (‘HATE WHAT THEY FEAR’, ‘STOP KILLING THE MANDEM’) printed on premium long sleeves and jackets, paired with cargo pants and topped with reflective details, from rainbow panels to iridescent silver on the gilets. Sustainably produced, a portion of profits also goes to Black Minds Matter UK, which helps provide free therapy sessions for the Black community. It’s proof that fashion can be reactive to the most urgent issues of the day, a street-smart collection that wears as well as it speaks.

Drop everything and getthe Mandem Bomber Coat, featuring 3D pockets (well, all pockets are 3D but you get the drill, they’re sick) and multi-coloured reflective panels to light you up post-rave. Get it here.

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