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Flora, foliage, fauna - we f-ing love plant-powered fashion.

Every week, we deliver DROP EVERYTHING – a first-class round-up of the most urgent, sustainable, progressive and forward-thinking releases that need to go straight into your wardrobe. 

Plants are pretty cool, aren’t they? For years, we’ve seen budding botanists, plant-whisperers and tree-huggers as eco-weirdos – now they’re eco-warriors in our green-tinted eyes. From houseplants to shared allotments, essential oils to veganism, we’re all a little high on chlorophyll right now.

It’s no wonder, then, that this evergreen interest in – err – everything green has found its way into fashion too. Whether it’s new natural fabrics or biodegradable packaging, nature-based inspiration or pesticide-free farming, our clothes are slowly becoming less and less synthetic, and more and more au naturale. To celebrate, we’ve pollinated this edition with four new drops that are using plant-based materials or inspo in buzzy ways – so grab your pitchfork and grow light and get involved. Wait, actually, that sounds a bit village mob…


Junglist massive, listen up. Manchester streetwear brand WAWWA’s latest capsule is jungle-inspired, and even though its reference point refers to the ecosystem rather than the soundsystem offshoot, it’s equally rave-ready. Titled ‘Amok’, it celebrates jungle overgrowth (see: our lockdown hair) and riffs off the woody, earthy colours of the biome.
There’s loads to get stuck into here. The hero piece is the new Pollard Jacket, made with organic waxed cotton in the UK and kitted out with twin chest pockets; but there’s also a range of Ripstop trousers, minimal sweats and the return of the throw-over-anything Drake Overshirt. Finish that with amoktail (hmm) of made-in-house accessories – messenger bags, bucket hats and a blanket – and you’re sorted for spring, summer and sofa.

Drop everything and get…the Field Jacket Petrol Blue, a powerhouse coat with sandwich-sized front pockets and military touchpoints.


The boot brand is back with a new Plant Power Collection, remixing classic silhouettes with novel sustainable materials. First up is the new Fluff Sugar shoe, which swaps petroleum-based materials for renewable sugarcane, finished with Lyocell ‘fluff’ to create clouds of candy floss for your feet. The new capsule also includes a dual-gender take on the classic Neumel featuring hemp and natural rubber, available in a neapolitan range of black, pink and natural, plus indigo (bubblegum sauce?) to top things off.

UGG is also committed to continuing to make its packaging more sustainable, saving nearly two million trees so far in the process, plus joining the UNGC to be held to account for their initiatives. We’re super impressed with what they’re doing, proving that no matter how much they may have been known for their sheepskin, they sure aren’t a sheep.

Drop everything and get…the Fluff Sugar Platform and perennially feel like you’re walking on a cloud.


Started in New York by Olivia Cheng, Dauphinette is a flower bed of serotonin-injected fashion (the label calls itself the “Happiest brand on earth”, which seems about right). Using recycled fabrics and upcycling vintage clothes, Cheng creates unique garments and decor filled with pressed flowers, petals, mushroom motifs and eyespot earrings. It’s like you’ve strolled through a garden centre and butterfly house in a plain outfit covered in glue, and we mean that in a really positive way.

Drop everything and get…the Margot Chinoiserie Cabinet Coat, which is eye-wateringly expensive but the kind of piece that’s so special, you’d have to get insurance on it at the same time.


Peep these new TOMS shoes and you might struggle to notice anything different. But it’s what inside that counts, isn’t it, and the new Eco Dye collection fits true to this. The new colouration method eliminates the need for washing, meaning that it reduces water usage by 60% and energy usage by 50%, but still has the same rich hue you’d expect.

On top of that, literally, is an upper made of post-consumer plastic water bottles and a wood-pulp lining to keep your feet super soft. Of course, TOMS have been on-it in terms of altruism from the start, giving a third of their profits to positive projects across the world. They refuse, though, to become complacent, acknowledging that there’s still always one step of their espadrilles further that they can take things.

Drop everything and get…the Black Eco Dye Alpargata, and that’s your all-rounder summer shoe sorted in one (well, two).

Words by Kyle MacNeill

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